Sunday, 15 September 2013



This week's Sunday Snippet comes from Marshall's Park #7, Monty Meets the Parents... to set the scene, Aiden has been working late and not spending much time with Finn, and he's desperately trying not to wake him up...

Aiden turned on the shower and stripped out of his work clothes while the water heated up, then stepped inside the steam-filled cubicle. He let out a contented moan and closed his eyes as he stood under the flow of the pressure shower that had definitely been the best household purchase he had ever made. The water cascaded over him, running in rivulets down his body and easing the ache of the muscles across his shoulders. He let his head roll back on his neck, enjoying the almost painful pin-pricks on his scalp as it received the full force of the water—sheer bliss.
Aiden startled when Finn's hands slid around his waist and pulled him back against his lean, yet firm, torso. He'd been so lost in his own thoughts he hadn't even heard Finn come in. Laying his head upon Finn's shoulder Aiden mumbled apologetically. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."
"I wasn't really sleeping."
"Your eyes were closed."
"Resting 'em."
"And the snoring?"
"Clearing my throat."
"The river of drool?"
"Okay, Sherlock, ya got me. I was sleepin'."
Aiden chuckled softly. "I'm still sorry I woke you."
"I'm not," Finn replied, pressing a soft kiss to Aiden's temple. "If you hadn't, I'd have missed the shower scene."
"There's going to be a shower scene?" Aiden wasn't sure he could stay awake through whatever Finn had in mind. Maybe a little of his uncertainty sounded in his voice because Finn snorted out a laugh.
"Don't worry. This is a strictly PG-13 shower scene."
Aiden relaxed, letting Finn take his weight and murmured, "That kind of shower scene I can handle."

"You just close your eyes and let me do all the work." Finn's lips were close to the shell of his ear and the images his words conjured up weren't anything to do with PG-13.

Until next week, Space Cadets ;)

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