Sunday, 15 July 2018



After running from a past destined to kill him, Snow has been hiding on the streets.

Tell nobody your name. 
Tell nobody your secrets.
Trust nobody!
These are the rules of the streets. 

His entire life changes when he saves an eight-year-old boy from a violent end. 

Christopher Manos is one of the most powerful crime bosses in the country.

Don’t ask anyone to do something you aren’t willing to do yourself. 
Secrets can get you killed. 
Trust nobody!
These are the rules he lives by.

When his eight-year-old nephew disappears, he never expects the boy’s savior to end up being his own. A man with a dangerous past and a man with a dangerous future find love amidst murder and mayhem. But with Snow's life being threatened at every turn, will Christopher's best be enough to prevent Snow Falling?


I don't think there is anyone outside of the MM genre who doesn't know Davidson King. I am one of the many lucky enough to say that Davidson is my friend and I am thrilled to be writing a review on her work for a change!

Snow Falling is a well-crafted story with twists and turns that grab your interest in the first few pages and keeps you enthralled until the very last. The characters were vibrant and full of life, leaping off the page and drawing you into their world. True, it is a somewhat violent world, but you find yourself understanding why Christopher does what he does and why he holds those he loves so tightly. Every decision he makes is a life and death one, and he's determined it won't be the latter for his family.

As for Snow.... the tough exterior hides a gentle soul who has suffered far more in his young life than anyone should have to. Living on the streets has hardened him, but he has kept true to the values his mother taught him. It's this part of him that sees beyond the life Christopher leads and finds the man within. Watching them fall in love and the way Christopher comes to terms with the fact that this waif and stray doesn't give a shit who he is and won't take any of his crap, is just wonderful. 

This is Davidson's first novel and I am looking forward to all those that follow, as she grows and flourishes. I know it won't be long before I'm saying...  "I knew you when...."

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Hello my lovelies.

My deepest apologies for not having posted in so long. The new every day job started out at three days a week then upped to four and real life has been kicking my arse. Not that that's much of an excuse. But I'm back! I'm writing and hope to have my new book out soon, so thank you for sticking with me. With that in mind.... COVER REVEAL!

A shooting incident at the premiere of his new movie leaves Brock Kipwell wounded and his best friend dead. Not knowing where to turn, he heads for his grandmother's in North Yorkshire where he spent most of his childhood. There he can be plain old Drew Singer, away from the paparazzi and their flashing cameras. He would be safe in Thornby Dale, no one would bother him there. No one that is, except Cam. He'd been the last person Drew expected to see. Growing up together they'd been brother's in arms, best friends and, that last summer when they were fifteen, so much more.

Monday, 27 November 2017


Cover by the marvellous Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design!

Blurb: (very rough and unedited)

In the Scottish Highlands you're going to have a bit of snow over Christmas - you expect it. What you don't expect is for said snow to fall through the bell tower roof a week before Christmas when the new vicar is due to arrive on Christmas Eve for Midnight Mass!

Drew has let all his men off for the holidays, but his Uncle Malcolm, chairman of the village counsel, doesn't care. "Improvise, dear boy. Improvise!" is all he says. "That bell has rung every Christmas Eve for the last three hundred years - it will not remain silent on my watch!"

Will Drew be able to fix the tower in time? Or will he be distracted by Ozzie, the beautiful stranger who is just passing through? Drew's plate would appear to be quite full this Christmas... and it's not turkey!



On Friday I went back to work for the first time in seven years!

(I hasten to add I have been working in those seven years - in my little cubby hole listening to the voices in my head and making up their stories - but not in an office as I was before)

The job I have now is on the Clerical Bank at the local hospital, which means I can be in any department, at any time and I can pick and choose when I work. At the moment it's three days a week until the end of December, which suits me fine.

Anyhoo, I arrived on Friday, all bright eyed and bushy tailed - Kelvin dropped me off with my little lunch box and told me to play nice with the other boys and girls. I held what my dad told me when I started my first job (so long ago now that I wouldn't dream of telling you!) "Be on time, be polite and do as you're told" close to my chest, took a deep breath and off I went.

First problem was, they weren't expecting me. The lady I had been told to ask for, wasn't in the office until Tuesday, and no one else knew who I was, why I was or where I was going.

Then they said that the help they really needed was on reception, but the lady at the bank had told me it was admin. Not that that bothers me - I tend to just get on with whatever and pick things up quite quickly, so I may be doing that this week.

That worked itself out, they found me things to do (a lot of scanning and printing but I've done worse) and they all seemed really nice. Nobody threw me out and I didn't break anything. So all in all it was a good first day, despite all my nerves, and the fact I was shoved in a side office and they almost forgot I was there.

I'm in again on Tuesday where I will be in the main room or on reception, who knows? Wish me luck!

Sunday, 19 November 2017


My sweet little baby boy with the rubber band arms and legs, the gappy grin and eyes for only me, has been out with friends twice this weekend. Friends from school I have never heard of before. Apparently, for a 14 year old, this is quite normal. He says I don't need to know the name of every single one of his friends anymore. Nor do I need to know their mums, their dads or their shoe size. Funnily enough, he informs me, he doesn't have to have attended pre-school with everyone he comes into contact with. Sometimes he may actually mention someone I don't know. Doesn't make them a bad person. "I thought you wanted me to make more friends?" I do, just ones I've vetted. After he'd finished laughing in my face, he said, "No, that's not happening."

I know I laugh and joke about my kids. Have always prided myself on the relationship I have with them. How close we are. The trust we have. And how I've made sure they could function independently of me, right from when they were babies. There was no clinging. No refusing to go with anyone. No tantrums if I left them.

Who would have thought, all this time later, it would be me who was having trouble cutting the cord? Me! But I'm told I have to. I have to step back and well, trust in that bond we have. It might take me a while, but I'll get there... I hope.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


I was a member of the workforce for a very long time, then I decided to jack it all in and concentrate on the wonderful word journey I have been on for the last seven years. Now I'm returning to the workforce, only part time, and I have to admit, it's a bit scary.

Tomorrow is my induction day. Not entirely sure what an induction day is, or involves, because I've never had one before. All the jobs I've had, you go to an interview, get the job and then start work. Apparently, working for the NHS isn't like that! There are several hoops (a few made of flaming fire) you have to jump through before you can even think of starting. And now there is the induction day.

I know I talk a good game, but I'm actually incredibly shy and I don't do well in big crowds, especially when I don't know anyone. So I'm not afraid to admit I'm shaking a bit in me flip-flops.

But I'm going to pull on my Bridget Jones pants and pack a paper bag in case I need to breathe into it. If I just keep telling myself what my dad always said, "Be on time and do as you're told." I should be fine.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, 11 November 2017


2nd edition - re-written and re-edited


Ford Mitchell, deputy sheriff, has to transport a prisoner from his tiny hometown in Alaska to Miami, where the man is wanted on outstanding drug charges, and the murder of a prostitute. A simple enough task, except the prisoner in question is his lover. Was everything about Noah a lie? Everything he said? Everything he felt?

When Noah Beckett arrived in Eagle River, he thought he'd run far enough. That he could build a life here, and he had. A wonderful life with Ford Mitchell. A life he thought he'd never have. But then his past finds him, even in the far-reaching snows of Alaska and his perfect world comes tumbling down. Now he's headed back to Miami to answer for crimes he didn't commit. But how can he convince Ford he's innocent, when Ford doesn't believe a word he says?

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