Sunday, 23 November 2014


This is probably not the most soothing of Sunday Serenades, but it is my favourite 30STM song.
The tune, the lyrics, the kickass drum beat all send chills up my spine and the video is one of the best I've seen - EVER!

Just sit back and let it wash over you - what a ride...

Monday, 17 November 2014


Here is a little drabble I wrote a million years ago and have been playing with all morning... hope you enjoy it...


 Cole drove slowly down the strip. The neon lights flashed, inviting you in to see the girls, or boys, depending on what you were into. He’d made the same drive, night after night for the last two weeks; watching, waiting. Each time hoping He'd be there; that he hadn't driven off to God knows where with God knows who to do God knows what.
His breath caught in his throat as he approached the corner, His corner. He was there. The tension in Cole's shoulders dissipated as he watched him pace slowly up and down the meter square of sidewalk. The neon lights behind him picked out the green and gold flecks in his eyes as he lifted his head.
Cole had never forgotten his eyes. Even though so many years had passed between then and now, he would have recognized him with one look in those eyes. A hand closed around his heart as memories of the nights they had lain awake talking in hushed whispers until the dawn chased away the night. The dreams they’d shared. The promises they’d made. And their last goodbye on the steps of the orphanage after Cole had been adopted. He remembered how he’d pulled a crumpled dollar bill from his pocket and ripped it in half before thrusting one half into David's sweaty palm as the tears coursed down his cheeks. And he would never forget the promise the twelve year old Cole had whispered into fourteen year old David's ear as he held onto him. No matter where you are or where you go—I will find you. He’d finally kept his promise.
He pulled the car to a stop in front of David – his David - and watched as he stopped pacing and stared at him, his head tilted as he weighed up the situation. For a moment Cole thought he was going to turn around, but David slowly swaggered toward the open passenger window. Cole's gaze took in David’s slightly bowed legs rippling under well worn jeans and he swallowed hard as he tried not to notice the way the muscles of David’s thighs bunched and moved as he approached. That was not what this was about.
You lookin' for a date cutie?” David’s voice was gravelly and raw from too many cigarettes and alcohol. Cole hoped that was all it was, but he doubted it.
Cole turned away from David’s questioning gaze and stared out of the windshield onto the road in front of him. His response was curt, and to the point. “Get in.”
David opened the door, slid into the seat and pulled it closed behind him. He leaned back against the headrest as Cole eased the car into the traffic. They drove in silence for a while then, when they had reached the quieter part of the city, Cole steered the car down a side street and parked.
“Cash up front, handsome.” Cole turned in his seat to see David had already begun to unbutton his shirt. David must have seen the flicker of sadness in Cole’s eyes because he hesitated. A frown creased his brow for a moment, then he continued with his task and said in a husky drawl, “Don't worry, I'll make you feel real good. It'll be worth every penny.”
Cole reached into the back seat, took his wallet from the pocket of his jacket and pulled out some folded cash. He handed it to David without a word and waited. David’s gasp was loud in the silence of the night when he opened the wad of bills to count them and the old, faded and wrinkled half a dollar floated down into his lap. Cole watched as David's eyes widened and, as if mesmerized, his hand slipped into the top pocket of the denim jacket he wore.
His heart in his mouth, he watched the way David’s fingers shook as he pulled out an often handled scrap of worn paper. He saw how tenderly he smoothed it out and placed it next to the half he’d laid out on his knee, making them whole once again, and his heart swelled with the love that had never faded.
“You found me.”
The words were sobbed brokenly and, as David fell into his arms and buried his face against Cole's neck, his hot tears wet Cole's skin. He Cole rocked him gently, holding him tightly to him, vowing silently to never let him go again. Cole let go of his own tears as he murmured into David’s hair, “I promised.”

Cole closed his eyes as they held each other, the air broken with the sound of tearful joy. They had plenty of time to talk, time to learn how David had gotten to this point and time to move forward. They had all the time in the world.

Saturday, 15 November 2014



Trailer by Trelibriosopra il Cielo

TRAMA: Ash Watts ha esattamente la vita che vuole: una fiorente carriera, uno splendido ragazzo e un appartamento con una vista favolosa su Los Angeles. Ma il suo mondo perfetto crolla quando apprende della morte prematura della sua unica sorella. Quando atterra a Freedom, in Alabama, non trova solo una piccola città ad attenderlo, ma anche segreti che potrebbero cambiargli per sempre la vita.Kaleb Gibson, cowboy nato e cresciuto a Freedom, aveva trovato la sua migliore amica in Annie Watts dal momento in cui era arrivata in città. La sua morte ha lasciato un buco nel suo cuore e, nonostante il fratello di Annie abbia i suoi stessi capelli scuri e i suoi stessi occhi verdi, Kaleb non riesce a perdonarlo per aver trascurato la sorella quando lei aveva bisogno di lui più.Alcune rivelazioni contenute nel testamento di Annie uniranno Kaleb e Ash in modi che non avrebbero mai immaginato.Sarà in grado Kaleb di rispettare le ultime volontà di Annie senza uccidere il suo amato fratello e senza rivelare un segreto del proprio passato che potrebbe distruggere tutto?E Ash resterà abbastanza a lungo da capire che Freedom potrebbe regalargli una vita ancora più perfetta?


Sunday, 2 November 2014


And today's serenade comes from... Ed Sheeran.

Love this song and could listen to his voice all day long...

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday wherever you are !

Monday, 27 October 2014



Ed and Fred have their lives all planned out. Until they run into the zombie apocalypse. But does that mean, just because they're dead...ish, that their plans have to change? After all, don't zombies need love too?


Everybody loves a good wedding… am I right? Of course I’m right.
The butterflies of anticipation in the pit of your stomach as the Wedding March plays. Wondering what the bride will be wearing then inwardly cringing at the size of the meringue she thought would turn her from a sow’s ear into a silk purse. You stand and turn, an encouragingly beatific smile ready on your lips as she walks down the aisle; while secretly thinking the bridal boutique must have had some kind of hall of mirrors like the ones they have at the circus. Then you quickly brush aside your own opinions as you catch sight of the look on the groom’s usually taciturn mug, your heartstrings twanging like an exuberantly played harp at the pure unadulterated joy you see there. To him, she is that silk purse, meringue or no meringue—and isn’t that the reason we all love a good wedding? Well, that and the free bar, and the bridesmaids, or the groomsmen depending on which bus you’re on.
But this wedding is a little different from the norm… for a start there are two grooms. Not that that isn’t normal. Two grooms isn’t even a speck on the radar of abnormal at this shindig. How can I put this…?
Like I said, this wedding has two grooms so there’s not even a whiff of a meringue. The guests are… well… the guests are an eclectic bunch, to say the least. Think Xander and Anya’s non-wedding in Buffy if that helps, but more disturbing. The minister might remind you of Rowan Atkinson in Four Weddings, without the nose, although he does have the ears… one of ‘em anyway. Then there’s the smell not even the arch of roses at the altar can disguise. It’s a stench that’s become all too familiar. An odor so intense it makes your eyes water and whatever little food you may have eaten rise in your throat. Not that it’s much of a problem for these wedding guests. It’s something they’ve learned to live with day in, day out.
But They hadn’t been invited. The best man’s speech could have been a little awkward if he’d tried to eat some of the guests at the top table.
You see I’m Ed and this is my wedding, mine and Fred’s.

And me and Fred, well… we’re… um… kinda dead.


Sunday, 26 October 2014


I thought I'd start a little weekly post to give our ears a treat as we're lounging in bed on a Sunday morning (okay I can dream).

To kick it off we have the fabulous Meaghan Trainor's All About That Base. I don't know about you, but for me it's the catchiest bloody tune I've heard in ages and the kids have started shouting at me because I begin humming it at inopportune moments... like during My Little Pony!

Not only is it a good song with all the right beat in all the right places... I love the message it sends to women everywhere. Let's hope our weight conscious young girls listen and learn to love themselves... not starve themselves.

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Laurel Heights 2 is now available on Amazon!


Will and Scott are now out and proud and living together in Scott's tiny house. So everything is perfect, right? Wrong... 

Scott has a new partner, a new male partner, and Will is not happy about that at all. 

A sadistic serial killer is at large, torturing his way through the gay community, but Will and Scott have no leads. 

And one of the residents of Laurel Heights has been arrested for murder.