Friday, 6 July 2012


I hope Kool and the Gang have got you in the mood... so what are we celebrating? I am just under 200 hits short of 40,000 hits on my blog since I opened it in May last year.  Which I think deserves to be shouted about... even if I am gobsmacked by it all :) So... what do you get if you are the lucky winner picked out of the hat when I hit that magic 40?

Signed print copies of Thirst, Laurel Heights and The Masquerade Trilogy.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favourite horror movie is and why... and once that magic 40 rolls by, my assistant (six year old Gracie) will pull a name out of the hat and the books will be winging their way to you by return of post!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Well I don't watch horror, at least modern horro. I do own the DVD of Them! A 1950's scuffing about giant ants in the Nevada desert caused by nuclear testing. Maybe that will do?. It's just a classic Hollywood B movie and the story is quite gripping, all leading up to a showdown between the ants and the troops.

    1. Okay that was supposed to say horror not horro and scifi not scuffing! I have a love hate relationship with predictive text!!!

  2. Hi Lisa! I like older movies :) The horror that gave me the shivers was "The Fog - 1980" (my favourite actress Jamie Lee Curtis).
    I have watched this one over a dozen times and still get scared and have to cover my eyes :) and I have never quite looked at fog the same ,it was creepy. It's not typical slasher movie, it is a ghost story that you might hear at a camp-fire. Primal and scary ,just so likable :)
    I admit that I need someone to be with me while watching horrors, specially my daughter.

  3. I think it would have to be The Strand. Mainly because it freaked me the f*** out when I watched when I was 15. It was far to easy to see happening. As to current horrors, well, I watch a fair few of them and I have to say that I do enjoyed Alien Resurrection and enjoy the Resident Evil set. :-)