Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's Just... A Little Crush...

It's just... a little crush... not like I faint, everytime we's just, some little thing, not like everything I dooo, depends on you. (Jennifer Paige)

Come on... we all have them and since I'm having a second time around crush on a certain TV star... I thought we'd delve into the mysterious world of the crush and see who's brave enough to confess their top 5 crushes of all time and, *evil smile* their top 5 most embarrassing ones... The hunky stud you can see above is none other than Crush the Turtle from finding Nemo. Now I'm not saying he's one of my own crushes... but he's definitely the cutest guy on the planet who is actually named after our topic.

Okay... here goes with my current crushes... (Yes, I know I'm really old... but I'm not DEAD!)

No surprises for the holder of the top spot - Jensen Ackles

I know Jason is my friend... but he's just the sweetest guy on earth.

OMG - Dimitri Chaplin - Professional dancer and choreographer

Sir David of Tennant (I'd drink this man's bath water)

And here he is... making my crush list the second time around... Joey Lawrence *sigh*

 I know... narrowing it down is hard... let's face it the list could be bloody endless... and now here come the not so hot ones.... don't ask me why... I have no idea...

Stephen Fry (Yes, I know he's gay - so what?)

Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) (Don't judge me, in Cracker he was fantastically sexy)

Richard Hammond (I think it's his idiocy on Top Gear that attracts me)

Richard Speight Jr (He is slightly odd looking, but unbelievably cute)
Jimmy Nail (I have no idea, he's just... woof)
So... guys and gals... are you brave enough to share...
Come on... it's just a little crush...


  1. Hmm... Top five hmm?

    1) Joe Manganiello
    2) Hugh Jackman
    3) Roarke .. oh wait he's a fictional character.. .shit... so David Gandy (as Roarke.. lol)
    4) Malik Yoba
    5) Richard T. Jones

    Other 5...

    1) Alan Rickman
    2) Sean Connery
    3) Al Pacino
    4) Colby Donaldson from Top Shot

  2. OK, that was difficult!

    1) Lexxi Foxx from Steel Panther :-)
    2) Jensen Ackles
    3) Joe Manganiello
    4) Ben Barnes
    5) All the Andrew Christian models.... I can't just pick one..

    and the other 5

    1) Aidan Turner
    2) George Clooney
    3) Johnny Depp (no list is complete without Johnnyboy)
    4) John Hannah
    5) Matthew Gray Gubler

  3. Lovely to see all the Brits in there. I completely agree on David Tennant. Stephen Fry gives me mindgasms.