Saturday, 2 June 2012


In celebration of the Jubilee, a few Brits have got together to create a fabulous giveaway for our readers. So listen up to what you have to do to get your hands on ebooks from each of us and a $30 voucher for Silver Publishing.

Each of us has provided two questions which you will find HERE on our form created by the lovely RJ Scott. Don't forget, the clues will be in the corresponding blogs. If you think you have the answers, type away and submit :)  It's that easy...

My contribution is Behind the Mask, book 3 of the Masquerade Trilogy (although you can take your ebook pick of my back catalogue)

The Downe's Valentine's Day Masquerade Ball has been an annual event for over a hundred years and where, four years ago, Gabe met Mike. 
It's been over six months since Mike's death and Mike thinks that Gabe is ready to move on. How does Gabe know this? He receives a letter and a ticket to the ball, from Mike. Gabe isn't sure he'll ever be ready to move on, but in deference to Mike's memory, he attends the ball.
What Gabe doesn't know, is that his best friend, Tom, the one constant in his life since college, has also received a letter from Mike. Will Gabe be able to move forward and remember a long forgotten love, or will his world come crumbling down around his ears, again?

And my questions are...

Q1.   Where did Gabe and Tom meet?

Q2.   What is Queen Elizabeth II's OFFICIAL title - thank God for Google!

So take your chance, you have nothing to lose and five fantastic reads to gain!  Good luck!

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