Saturday, 2 June 2012


You know the routine, one picture, one hundred words and a gang of talented cohorts. Don't forget to click on the link at the end and within the one hundred itself to see what my partners in crime have in store for you,

“I cannot believe this is happening.” Marcus growled against his chest and Cory sighed. This was not how their early morning skinny-dip was supposed to end.
Glancing around for idiotic dog-walkers up at the ass-crack of dawn, Cory slapped a hand to his forehead and winced.  Marcus’ teeth bit gently into his flesh and Cory gasped when Marcus sucked. The position was one Cory had planned, but in his imagination he was writhing beneath Marcus’ lips in ecstasy. The lone bee who had been accidentally crushed between their naked chests hadn’t figured at all. Pity no one filled in the bee.


  1. What a great little story! So much packed into so few words, very descriptive, loved it!

  2. Great flasher hon. Trust the silly bee to ruin the moment!

  3. Ouch! Scandalous little bee. You gotta hate that! Wonderful imagination as usual~

  4. Interesting little twist. Good flash.

  5. "Ass-crack of dawn"? I love that line!! Wicked little party-pooping bee. Adorable flash!! Loved it:) xo

  6. LOL O loved it Lisa.

    Nicely done

    SLira aka BLMorticia