Friday, 11 November 2011


This weekends Dirty Dozen comes from Thirst, which is released on the 21 January 2012....


Detective Max Bowman is hunting a serial killer terrorizing the city.  A serial killer who leaves bodies drained of blood.
After taking a break in a local bar, he is attached, robbed and left for dead--waking up in Carter Gray's bed was the last thing he expected.  Who is this man?  What is his dark secret, and is he responsible for the trail of bodies in Max's city?

“Carter?” Max's voice was slurred with sleep and he struggled to sit up in the bed, watching Carter’s advance.  He could feel the man’s anger rolling off him in waves and his gut clenched in fear and trepidation. This was a side of Carter that he had not yet seen and for the first time, he felt very afraid, “What is it?  Are you okay?”
The laugh was cold, “Am I okay? No Max, I'm not even in the vicinity of okay,” he ground out between clenched teeth. 
Before Max had had time to register any movement from Carter, he was looking up into angry eyes and felt a taut ass against his thighs as the older man straddled his hips.  “What are you doing?” he managed to grunt when both of his wrists were pushed above his head on the pillow by an iron grip, pinning him down with ease.  Trying to struggle, he cried out at the pain in his ribs with the movement, “Stop... Carter, you're hurting me.”
Carter's eyes darkened even further and his anger took on a vicious edge, “I'm hurting you?” he snapped, his face mere inches from Max's.  “What about what you're doing to me?  Who are you?  What do you want from me?!”  What might you do to me if I let you live?

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  1. I will have to get "Thirst". If this excerpt is anything to go by, the book looks like a very exciting read. Well done Lisa!

  2. Very intense scene. I can hardly wait to read what happens.