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Today, I'm sitting back and handing over the reigns to Ms' Harner and Celeste...take it away girlies...

A Less Traveled Road with Four Left Turns

Thanks for inviting us Lisa. There are always so many hot men on your blog, I always get distracted by all the pretties. Oh...wait. I’m supposed to be talking about something particular.
I knew very little about publishing when I signed the contract for my first book, Whiteout.  Not that the dog ate my homework or anything. I had actually researched publishers, the market, royalties, etc. But nothing gives you the shivers like signing your book baby over to strangers, and knowing they will essentially own the rights to your book for the next few years. There was still much more to learn.

There were enough forms to choke a horse. Actually, let me take that back...I have no idea how many forms that would take. Let’s just say there were a lot. Regardless, there was a contract, and both sides were required to follow the rules.

When the second book, Rescued was ready a couple of month later, I contracted with the same publisher. Let’s just say that after several months, not everything was as smooth as a writer would hope. I’m not going to go through the details here, we’ve been there and done that on my blog, but eventually, the relationship with my publisher broke down completely.

The situation was bad enough that I asked for the rights to my books, a practically unheard of and suicidal move by a new author. Trust me...I did not come to that conclusion easily.  As I was going through this painful experience, I learned there were many other writers who were having similar problems with this same publisher. One of those authors, Mercy Celeste, became a good friend. The rights to two of her books were also returned, including her novel, In From The Cold.

There was contractual waiting period before we could publish our work elsewhere. For many reasons, we chose to independently publish. Today, we are celebrating the final release from our contracts by publishing three of the four books.

It has been an exhilarating and sometimes terrifying experience.

The completely re-edited books will be available 11/11/11 from Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. Check out the blurbs...oh and the really H-A-W-T covers, each featuring original art by DWS Photography.

In From The Cold by Mercy Celeste
For eighteen years, Nathan Truman and Quinn Anders were best friends. One born of wealth and privilege, the other born to working people, Nathan and Quinn shared everything. Sports, music, first kiss, first love.
For sixteen years, Nathan has tried to forget Quinn. Tried to forget the stolen moments they’d shared as kids. He joined the Marines, married, not once but twice, went into law enforcement. He forgot.
For sixteen years, Quinn couldn’t stop remembering. He fell into addiction, found music, lost himself, and became a country music superstar. He never forgot.
Sixteen years after their one night together, tragedy conspires to reunite them.
Nathan and Quinn struggle to deal with their past while the present slowly crashes around them. Brought together by grief, their tentative new beginning may very well come to a sizzling end, leaving them both out in the cold forever. 

Whiteout (Three’s Allowed - Book 1) by L.E. Harner
Cade’s had a crush on Christina since grade school, but never thought she’d give him the time of day. When he spies her in an adult bookstore eyeing his favorite display, he realizes they might have more in common than he thought.
Cade tells his best friend and roommate about Christina, only to discover Carter’s interest in him isn’t exactly platonic anymore. What’s a guy to do? How about spending a hot winter weekend making everyone’s fantasies come true?

Rescued (Three’s Allowed - Book 2) by L.E. Harner
Elizabeth Ashford tries to escape her wife-beating husband before he kills her, by running into the wilderness near a highway rest area. Michael Enwright is a self-made millionaire and expert in high tech security. At the first rest stop of his long overdue sabbatical, he sees the fleeing woman and intervenes, saving Elizabeth’s life, while nearly losing his own.

When Michael’s help is misinterpreted, he ends up handcuffed and face down in the dirt before Elizabeth can set Sheriff Graeme Kennedy, her former lover, straight. In order to protect Lizzie, Graeme is forced to work with Michael and brings both of them to his cabin for protection.

Now Graeme finally has Elizabeth under his roof, right where he’s always wanted her. So why is he jacking off to visions of the drop dead gorgeous and take-charge Michael? Some things never change.

Thank you ladies.  I don't know about you lot - but my Christmas List just got longer!!!!


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