Sunday, 13 November 2011


This week's six is from Unshakeable Faith...

Brody and Nash have been to a bar and Brody heard Nash in the bathroom stall with another guy.  He tries to justify Nash's actions to both himself and his friend Wyatt...

Brody drew in a breath, mortified to feel it hitch in his 
throat when the door opened and closed, and he felt the bed dip 
as Wyatt lay down beside him. 
At the first touch of Wyatt’s fingers through his hair, he lost
it, turning and curling into Wyatt’s side. 
The pain in his chest was overwhelming as he tried to hold back 
the sobs wracking his torso, when Nash’s shadow passed the door 
and the master bedroom door closed with a loud click.
Brody’s voice was thick and raw in the quiet of the room, 
and he buried his face in Wyatt’s T-shirt. 
“It’s not like he… cheated on me… ’cause he doesn’t remember… we’re a couple. 
But….” He swallowed, unable to hang on to his control. 
“It sure as hell… hurts just as bad.”

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  1. great emotion packed in here Lisa. well done.

  2. I agree- full of powerful emotions here Lisa- WOW- yes, it DOES hurt

  3. Wow! Love the deep emotion! Great Six!

  4. How heart wrenching! Sadness overwhelms me. Excellent six Lisa!

  5. awww omg that totally sucks :(

    Great Six

  6. heart wrenching scene! great job :)

  7. remember or not, it's still a betrayal, and you covered his emotions very well.

  8. I can't wait to read this. Another emotional read from a very talented writer! Great job Lisa!

  9. Heart wrenching and beautifully written emotional scene. Nice job.