Thursday, 22 September 2011


Baby....It’s Hot In Here

They were being burgled.  It was the only explanation for it.  Nick heard another bang come from downstairs, followed by Mack’s loud bark and he felt his heart begin to hammer in his chest.  That’s my boy, eat the fucker, Mack! He debated briefly whether he should investigate, or if he should make Oliver do it.  Hey, just because he was bigger, didn’t automatically mean he was braver...where was that cast in stone?
Reaching out a hand to shake Oliver’s shoulder and touching fresh air, Nick frowned.  Shit! He forgot.  Oliver was sleeping in the spare room tonight.  SoCal had been in the throes of a stifling heat wave for the last two weeks.  They were on hiatus from the show where Nick was the lead and Oliver was the assistant director, and they’d spent days lazing by the pool – which they hadn’t got nearly as much use out of as Nick insisted they’d put it in -- soaking up the rays and almost forgetting that they weren’t by the community pool in their villa in Marbella.  At first. 
Now, it had gone from stifling, to Nick surfing the net for directions on how to do a rain dance.  It had even gotten so hot that Oliver had relocated to the guest room downstairs, unable to bear being in the same bed as him.  The external heat mixed with the internal heat that Nick radiated had been Oliver’s undoing.  So it was with his best pouty lip and heartfelt sigh that Oliver had leaned down, kissed Nick goodnight and padded downstairs, refusing to succumb to Nick’s best kicked puppy look as he left the room.
Nick had tossed and turned for what seemed like forever, but he was, of course, too manly to admit that that was because Oliver wasn’t beside him, not actually because of the heat.  Eventually he had drifted off, until he had just been woken a few moments ago by something...spending a few moments in that sleepy plane of “Why the fuck am I awake?” before he heard a bang and a muffled expletive coming from the living-room.  “Fantastic,” he muttered. “How can Oliver still be asleep? I bet he’s dreaming about fluffy bunnies while the love of his life gets murdered by Biff the big butch burglar.” 
Throwing back the covers and getting out of bed, Nick reached for the boxers he had discarded earlier in the vein hope of circulating more air, and pulled them on.  He padded as quietly as he could out onto the landing, peering over the banister and down the stairs.  All he could see was darkness and the odd shadow in the shaft of moonlight that shone through the window at the top of the front door.  Fuck it! That meant he had to go get himself killed.  Maybe he had misheard the bang, it was probably just Mack knocking something over and then he heard the patio door in the kitchen creak as it was opened. 
Oliver! Oliver was asleep and whoever was breaking in would find him, asleep and vulnerable down there!  Nick forgot that he was a big sissy for five seconds and pounded down the stairs, a resounding growl of menace, or what he hoped sounded like menace, emanating from deep within his chest.  If taking down the burglar meant getting killed so Oliver could be saved – so be it!
Unfortunately for Nick, the only thing he took down was Mack, who was lying in the middle of the hall.  Mack yelped, so did Nick and ended up sprawled on his stomach on the polished oak of the hall floor, gasping for air.  He froze, waiting for the burglar to come and see what the commotion was but there was nothing.  Pushing himself to his feet, Nick took a deep breath and rubbed at his stomach, tip-toeing into the empty living-room and on through into the kitchen.  In the kitchen he found nothing, apart from a very soft welcoming breeze blowing through the open patio door—that and the sound of splashing. 
Stepping out onto the decking, Nick padded down the steps toward the pool.  “Oliver?” he said, his voice sounding like a loud haler to his ears in the still of the night.  “Is that you?”
The figure floating on its back in the clear water, making little waves with its hands, straightened and swam slowly to the side, stopping in front of Nick.  Oliver wiped his eyes and shook his head, spraying Nick’s bare feet with droplets of chlorine scented water.
“Of course it’s me, who did you think it was?” he said, keeping his voice low.  Oliver raised his eyebrows when he was met with silence, and tilted his head questioningly.  “You thought I was a burglar, didn’t you.”  It was a statement.
Nick shook his head and huffed a not very convincing derisive laugh.  “Don’t be stupid...I knew it was you.”
Oliver chuckled softly.  “Yeah, you thought I was a burglar.  Didn’t know there was much of a market for used pool water.”
“Shut up,” Nick mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest indignantly, glad it was dark and that Oliver couldn’t see him blush.  “What are you doing out here?  And don’t say swimming, asshat.”
“It’s too damn hot.  I couldn’t sleep.  I thought of getting in the shower downstairs but was worried that the sound might wake you, so I decided to come out here.”  Oliver rested his arms on the side of the pool and put his chin on his hands.  “Sorry I woke you anyway.  I was being quiet until Mack tripped me up.”
“S’okay, I wasn’t sleeping that well either.”  Nick flinched when one of Oliver’s wet hands closed over his ankle.  “What are you doing?” he hissed, looking down at his leg.
“Well...since you’re awake and extremely hot...” Oliver waggled his eyebrows at Nick in the glow from the underwater pool lights.  “Why don’t you come keep me company?”
“You’re kidding me, right?  Ol, if it’s too hot to sleep, it’s sure as hell too hot for sex,” Nick replied, trying to shake Oliver’s hand off his ankle. 
Oliver shook his head and pulled hard on Nick’s ankle while it was raised in the air, trying to dislodge his hand.  He grinned as Nick toppled, lost his balance and splashed into the water beside him.  Waiting while Nick coughed and spluttered, wiped the water from his face and pushed his hair from his eyes, Oliver paddled over to him and slid his hands over his boyfriend’s shoulders and hooked a muscled calf around an even more muscled thigh.
“It’s not too hot in here,” he drawled, easing Nick to the edge of the pool and bending his head to latch his lips to the fluttering pulse at the base of Nick’s throat.
“You suck, dude,” Nick hissed, his eyes fluttering shut as Oliver’s lips worked the sensitive skin of his neck.  He couldn’t contain the moan that fell from his lips when Oliver began to lick at the drops of water clinging to his collarbone. 
“Eventually,” Oliver murmured.  “I want to taste the rest of you first.”  The heavy Virginian edge to Oliver’s voice indicated how turned on he was.  No-one had ever had the effect on him that Nick had.  The need to taste, mark, own and love, all at the same time. 
“What about Mrs. Proud,” Nick moaned, referring to their neighbor, whose bedroom had a direct view of their pool.
“She’s real nice, but not my type, I’d much rather fuck you,” Oliver deadpanned, continuing to kiss and lick across Nick’s collar bone and up the other side of his tanned throat.
“Very funny,” Nick retorted, tilting his head to allow Oliver better access.
“Nick...” darkened green eyes looked into blown hazel.
“Can you shut up now?”
Oliver’s plump lips nipped at Nick’s in soft, teasing kisses, pulling Nick’s lower lip in between his white teeth and swiping his tongue over the sensitive flesh.  He opened his eyes a fraction while he teased Nick, reveling in the way that the big man quivered at his touch.  Their slightest movement was making the water around them lap gently, sliding over their hot skin and creating the most delicious buffer.   All the while he was kissing Nick, Oliver was edging him into shallower water, so that their feet were touching the bottom of the pool. 
“God, Olly,” Nick moaned against Oliver’s mouth, his hands moving up to cup Oliver’s face as he took control of the kiss and ravaged Oliver’s lips, sliding his tongue against Oliver’s and drawing a moan from him.  Breaking the kiss, Nick gripped Oliver’s waist and turned him in the water so that Oliver’s back was now against the tiled wall.  “Fuck,” he gasped breaking the kiss and sliding his hands down over Oliver’s ass and lifting him in the water, pulling Oliver’s legs loosely around his waist.  Nick peeled his boxers off quickly and repositioned Oliver’s legs. 
Arching his back, Oliver almost bit through his lip when Nick ran his fingers down the crack of his ass and opened his cheeks, moving Oliver slowly so that the water lapped at his hole.  “Fuck, Nick,” he hissed when he felt Nick’s fingers join the water in the gentle exploration of his entrance, his hands gripping at Nick’s shoulders.
“You like that?” Nick smiled, kiss-biting along Oliver’s jaw.
“Fuck, it when you touch me,” Oliver turned his head to capture Nick’s lips with his own and panted into Nick’s mouth when he felt one finger breach him slowly, the water easing the way. 
“Not as much as I love touching you,” Nick said huskily, his tongue licking at Oliver’s in tiny jabs, sparks of pleasure flowing between them.  “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he groaned, pulling back to look into Oliver’s face, lit by the moon and the hazy pool lights.  “Still can’t believe you’re mine...” he felt the muscle give around his finger and pulled out slowly, ignoring Oliver’s whimper of complaint and coming back with two.  “Still can’t believe I get to kiss you...touch you.”
“Believe it, baby,” Oliver groaned, trailing his fingers down Nick’s side and across the muscled stomach to curl around the thick, hard shaft of Nick’s cock.  He smiled at Nick’s cut off yell when he stroked Nick from base to tip, his palm circling the sensitive head.  “I’m all yours and this...” he squeezed Nick’s hardness and stroked him again.  “This is all mine.”
Nick grinned widely, his long lashes fluttering against his cheeks when Oliver began to jerk him in earnest beneath the water.  “You bet your ass it is.”
“Oh, my ass would lay money on it,” Oliver retorted, his grip on Nick’s shoulders tightening as he began to fuck himself on Nick’s thrusting fingers.  He complained when Nick pulled his fingers free and grabbed hold of Oliver’s hands.  “What?”
“Ssssh,” Nick soothed, lifting Oliver’s hands and placing them on the side of the pool.  “You may want to hang on for this part...” he rasped, all trace of LA gone and leaving pure yellow rose.  He waited for Oliver to grip the side and then moved back slightly, positioning himself between Oliver’s thighs.  He pushed in slowly, his eyes closing and his breath panting through his parted lips as the head of his cock slid into his lover.  “Fuck,” he moaned, sliding in further in slow, easy pushes, the water making Oliver feel almost weightless.  “Always so tight for me.  Feels so good, baby.”
Oliver’s chin dropped down onto his chest and his mouth hung open, gulping in great breaths of air.  He loved being this connected to Nick, so close that he didn’t know when he ended and Nick began.  Loved the way Nick filled him, made him feel complete.   Lifting his head, Oliver’s glazed green eyes locked with hazel.  “You have no idea how fucking good you feel inside me,” he whispered, catching Nick’s lips in a deep, breath stealing, kiss.  “I need...I need,” he murmured, his thighs tightening around Nick’s waist.
“What do you need?” Nick husked, sucking a bruise into Oliver’s throat.  “Tell me what you want, baby.”  Nick urged him on.  He loved it when Oliver begged him for it, all breathy moans and whispered gasps.
“You...” Oliver keened when Nick moved his hips in a small figure eight, the head of his cock brushing teasingly across Oliver’s prostate, lighting sparks behind his eyelids.  “Fuck....Nick...fuck me...please...want you to fuck me.”
Nick smiled against Oliver’s skin, the sound of Oliver, all strung out and needy making the heat rage in his belly.  He pulled out slowly and then slammed back in hard and fast, cries falling not only from Oliver’s lips, but his own. 
Setting up a punishing rhythm, Nick brought him to the brink so many times that Oliver lost count.  His fingers gripped tighter and tighter to the side as he felt his orgasm start to tingle in his spine and reach out to all his nerve endings, lighting them up.  All that could be heard on the night air was moans and gasps and the lapping of the water against the edge of the pool, getting faster and faster as the need for release grew.
“So close,” Oliver whimpered, his cock hard and aching against his stomach, not even having been touched by Nick’s hand, just engorged with desire by the relentless pounding of Nick’s hard cock in this dark wet heat, scraping ruthlessly against his prostate on almost every stroke.  “Right there...Jesus fuck, Nick...I’m coming...”
“Let it go, baby,” Nick hissed, his head thrown back, his hands moving down to grip behind Oliver’s knees.  “Do it...come on...wanna hear you...”
“Aaaaahhh,” Oliver’s long drawn out cry echoed in the darkness as he came hard in the water, hot spurts pulsing from him, his knuckles white on the side of the pool he was gripping so hard to the tile. 
Nick slammed hard into Oliver, his hips jerking when he felt Oliver’s ass clamp down on his pulsing cock, dragging his orgasm from him.  “Shit, shit, shit,” he moaned over and over, his hips moving until he was spent, his head resting in the curve of Oliver’s neck.  Nick sighed heavily when he felt Oliver’s arms slide around his shoulders and hold him tightly, his cock still inside and pulsing gently in the aftershocks of his orgasm.  He gulped in great mouthfuls of air and pressed his lips to Oliver’s skin while he waited for his heart to slow back down to its post-coital rate.  Reaching down to gently lift Oliver, Nick pulled out and crowded back into Oliver’s arms.
Oliver lowered his legs slowly and stood up in the water.  They felt a little wobbly, but if he held on to Nick, he was okay, he could stand up – he just wasn’t sure he could walk.  “Huh...” was about all he could come up with.
“Uh-huh,” was Nick’s equally coherent reply.  They exchanged slow kisses until their breathing had returned to normal and then they climbed out of the pool and padded back into the house, going into the en suite off Oliver’s old bedroom for towels to dry themselves off with.   Oliver smiled fondly when Nick flopped down onto the bed beside him.  He didn’t say a word, just shuffled his ass backwards until it fitted into the cradle of Nick’s hips, feeling Nick’s cock nestled snugly against his crack.
“What?” Nick yawned, when he felt Oliver’s chuckle vibrate against the hand he had pressed to Oliver’s chest.
“You thought I was a burglar,” Oliver snorted.
“Asshat...” Nick murmured, closing his eyes and rubbing his face on Oliver’s shoulder.  It wasn’t long before both men were asleep...too spent for the heat to be an issue.


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  1. I love Nick!! Great excerpt. I must admit before this posting I had no interest in reading M/M novels. Honey I am definitely buying this one!!!