Wednesday, 21 September 2011

No Strings Attached - 5 October 2011 - Dreamspinners

My new short story is available from Dreamspinners on the 5 October's a little taster...


Lucas is sure he’s made a mistake—it has to be painfully obvious he’s never been to an 
underground gay club before. He doesn’t do things like this—he’s too shy, too reserved. 
He certainly doesn’t expect to be felt up by a total stranger as soon as he walks in the door. 
But just as he’s talking himself into leaving, the hottest guy in the place with 
the most beautiful green eyes he’s ever seen pulls him onto the dance floor. 
Green Eyes insists on “no names, no strings…” and just this once, 
Lucas is inclined to agree.

THE line for the club wound around the block and Lucas wondered, for at least the millionth time since he’d arrived, what he was doing here. This was completely out of character for him: he didn’t go to places like this, not him. He went to the movies, or nice cozy, quiet restaurants with his family and friends—not this. Thankfully, he could see the entrance from his place in the line, so it wouldn’t be too long before he could lose himself in the crowd.

He turned and looked at the other men milling around him in the line, desperately hoping that he didn’t stand out, that it wasn’t painfully obvious that he’d never been to an underground gay club before. Hunching his shoulders, Lucas leaned against the wall, knowing it was difficult not to stand out at six feet four inches of solid muscle, but he still tried to melt into the background. That was until he felt eyes on him and he ducked his head, his shaggy brown hair falling in waves around his face as he stole a glance at their owner.

Lucas’s eyes locked with the appreciative, deep green gaze of the man five places ahead of him in the line and he swallowed, hard. The guy was what could only be described in plain and simple terms as beautiful, and not in a twinky way, either. He was all man, no doubt about that. His features, while masculine, were totally symmetrical, and Lucas thought he was the hottest guy he had ever seen. Lucas felt his cheeks flush as the man’s gaze travelled down every inch of his muscular frame. Lucas shifted slightly against the wall as the guy raised an eyebrow at Lucas, his plump lips lifting in a smirk. Lucas ducked his head and looked at his shoes as the line shuffled forward a bit more and, when he lifted his head again, the guy had already entered the club. Lucas sighed heavily and thought to himself, Typical, the hottest guy in the line gives me the eye and all I do is blush like a thirteen-year-old girl and let him get away.

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