Friday, 23 September 2011



Hello my pretties and welcome to Flash Fiction, Friday where you will find one hundred words per week based upon a picture chosen at random by either myself or my other cohorts in this marvellous adventure.  Some may be turned into a continuing play, so make sure you follow the links both within the one hundred words and at the bottom of this post to see what delights await you.  This week's inspiration was chosen by Patricia Logan, the minx...

Have you ever regretted doing something?  You know, the kind of thing that, as you’re doing it, makes you think…this is gonna bite me in the ass?  That’s how I ended up here--here being the bed I share with Johnny. Hands tied to the iron bedstead, wearing baby pink briefs that Johnny insisted were so hot he wanted to rip them off me, with his teeth. 
But he’s not here.  I’m alone.  He left me here.  Which brings me to the moral of our story.  If you’re going to scratch someone’s Desperate Housewives box set…replace it before they find out…

Joining me today are a bevy of other beauties and three gorgeous guys who are the fantastically talented authors who have contributed to this week’s Friday Flash Fiction: Bonni Sansom, Katie HarperLani Rhea, Muffy Wilson, J P Archer,  Rhea Archer, Patricia LoganChris Quinton, Sara YorkChris PowerHeaven Leigh EldeenVenus CahillGemma Parkes, Havan Fellows, Betty CarltonBenjamin RussellLee BrazilCyril J Michael.  Please click on their names and stop by their blogs to read five very different interpretations of the same picture.

In addition, I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to my friend, Johnny Miles a fantastic fellow author for being this week’s guest star in my FFF fantasy.  Please click on his name within the one hundred to stop by their pages and find out what kind of mischief he’s been getting into. 

Thank you for supporting Friday Flash Fiction.

See you next week! 


  1. OMG That was awesome! I think he got off easy though. Never mess with the Desperate Housewives!!

  2. LOL Loved it! This was awesome! Well done, Lisa! Well done!

  3. LMAO!! Poor guy. Tell me Lisa, what would happen if someone scratched your copy of Supernatural? LOVED IT!!

  4. LOL! Don't mess with the DVD's. Loved it Lisa!

  5. Ok, I was feeling sorry for the poor guy until I found out what he did, serves him right. Johnny should leave him tied up like that for a long while. Ms. Lisa, you have a mean streak. Katie is right, it's a good thing it wasn't your precious Supernatural box set.

  6. Paybacks are hell. Too funny. He needs to learn to keep his hands to himself.

  7. I lost it as soon as I read the Desperate Housewife's line ... OMG too funny! roflmao

  8. If it had been my SUPERNATURAL! Someone would have lost a limb, not just the opportunity to pee!