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Here's what readers are saying about Solo Honeymoon on Amazon....

What Venice is all about.... 4 Stars

Anyone who has been to Venice knows what it does to you--and if it doesn't, you are deceased. This extraordinary city makes you believe everything is possible and in this lovely, almost angst-free story, it takes a while getting there, but gee-whiz, what a trip!

Leo is left at the altar, his parents insist he go on his honeymoon alone, and he is swept along by the city and the gorgeous proprietor of the bed-and-breakfast he and his ex have booked. Leo is a bit of an anal character, not all that spontaneous, dedicated to a life that's structured because, after all, he is a teacher who needs to keep things organized.

That proprietor Mateo, however, and his mother, Luana, spin Leo around in a way which--after he gets his act together with Mateo's determined intervening--allows us to explore, admire, and pine for the next gondola to come along to whisk us there.

This is a sweet, lovable, and very laid back romance that will have you smiling most of the way, though there are some sad moments of reminiscence as well. But all told, it's a trip well worth taking, even if you've done it a hundred times before.


Aaaah Fate.... 5 Stars

Leo got dumped at the alter but still goes on his honeymoon to Venice to get away from all the pity being thrown at him. The bed and breakfast that he is staying at is owned by a mother and her son Matteo who take Leo under their wing.

After three days of seeing Leo moping in his room, Matteo takes the reigns and forces Leo out of bed and ultimately out of his shell.

The two become close friends which morphs into more after Matteo nurses Leo after Leo becomes sick. Matteo is spectacular and you just want to hug Leo.

The closeness between Leo and Matteo is tested when Leo's ex-fiancé shows up at the B & B unexpected. But Leo quickly realizes what he has to lose by leaving Matteo and fights for him.
It's a wonderful story with a very happily ever after.


Beautiful Fairytale.... 5 Stars

Oh I loved this book. I mean, who doesn’t adore an unexpected love story. Poor Leo is stood up at the altar (pretty much) but takes his honeymoon alone anyway… ONLY to find the love of his life! *sigh* Yeah… I swooned!

Mateo is A-MAZ-ING! Truly. His backstory broke my heart. Like I SOBBED uncontrollably for a good 10 minutes. But even HE gets a happily ever after. Two broken, sad men who save each other.

Lisa Worrall wrote wonderful characters. The setting was gorgeous and her descriptive writing really pulled me into the story. Like I was really in Venice. Don’t get me started on the food. I was shaking with hunger through this story. Then I made lasagna.

Lisa is such a versatile writer. Whether she’s writing murder mystery, or beautiful romance she masters it beautifully.

This is a fairytale of sorts and I enjoyed being swept away in the whirlwind.


A Very Enjoyable Read..... 4 Stars

A thoroughly good read. I was Totally hung up on Matteo from the start. Leo ...well I was anxious at one Particular point. As for Eric- don't get me started! Luana & Francesco were a complete breath of fresh air😀. The little bites of humour are a 'Lisa Worrall' touch that I look for & enjoy very much x🐝x



Leo Barratt hadn't written his bucket list, but he was pretty sure there were several things he wouldn't have put on it. Like... waking up to a Dear John letter from his fiance, Eric, the day before their wedding... or going on his honeymoon - alone. 

But, under the strict instructions of his mother, he found himself in Venice at Bauta, the beautiful bed and breakfast where he'd supposed to have started off married life. Instead, he planned to spend three weeks inside his room and wait for the pain to go away.

Or at least that's what he thought...

Bauta, was run by Matteo Leghissa and his mother, Luana. Used to getting his own way, Matteo refused to allow Leo to wallow in self-pity and appointed himself as Leo's official guide.

Apparently, falling in love with a beautiful stranger wasn't on Leo's bucket list either but.....

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