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Counselor Logan Wilde has a successful therapy practice in London, but when a traumatic incident there leaves him suffering from PTSD, he takes refuge in his holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight, unable to face going back to work. Not that he’s allowed to relax. Logan’s time is taken up with helping Liam Owens, plus there’s Nick Brent, whom Logan discovers collapsed on the beach. Nick and Logan spend their time bickering with each other, but that doesn’t alter the attraction they feel. 

Logan is forced to make some hard decisions about his future, which entails facing up to recent events. Only he’s not alone—Nick is with him. Unfortunately someone else makes a decision too, and now trouble is on its way to the Isle of Wight.


I bloody loved every single word. Another beautifully woven  Isle story bringing us new, well-rounded characters, and allowing us to cuddle up to well-loved characters from the previous books. Logan is to brilliant at helping others but finds it hard to ask for himself. Meeting Nick, who doesn't take any crap from anyone - although his mother could certainly kick his butt - is the perfect foil for Logan, giving him a new found strength. 

As with all the Island books, there's the perfect mix of angst, drama and hot, hot lovin'. A wonderfully warm and satisfying read that will have you turning the pages until you've finished. I defy you to put it down... I couldn't!

This one gets 5 Boop-boop-be-doops

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