Monday, 2 September 2013


Woohoo! I got some lovely pretties in the post yesterday. Five copies of the print version of A Nanny for Nate, FOUR of which I have to give away to you lovely people (one is MINE :) ).

So, I hear you cry, what do I have to do to get one of these little gems? Easy-peasy. Leave a comment, along with your email addy, telling me the funniest thing you've ever heard a kid say - be it one of your own, or someone you know.

My glamorous assistant, Dolly, as my friend Sharon likes to call her, will draw four names out of the hat next Monday and a copy shall be yours!

I'll start you off with a little conversation I had with my son, Alex, on the first day of year 4...

Alex: I'm really excited about being in Miss Hindley's class.
Me: Why's that?
Alex: Because we get to play with giblets.
Me: Giblets? What are you going to do with giblets?
Alex: Well, we can stroke them and clean out their cage and stuff.
Me (after a brief pause): Alex, do you mean gerbils?
Alex: Isn't that what I said?
Me: Not quite.

Have fun and lets see who makes me laugh the loudest :)


  1. Daughter: I need some lunch money
    Me: There are 2 £20 notes on the ironing board
    Daughter *goes away, comes back a couple of minutes later* .... Which one should I take?

    She was about 14!!!! ;-)

  2. This is from years ago and concerns my now grown up nephew. This was a conversation with his mum after having his first sex education class at school. It took place in the local supermarket on the way home after picking him up and he was full of it!

    Him: ( All excited ) We learned all sorts of stuff mum about sex and having babies and our bodies!
    My sister : Did you love?
    Him: ( All proud because he thinks he's now master of all things sex related! ) Yeah.. I know that girls have pie-rods every month and have eggs in their overalls... Oh yeah and did you know about wet dreams?
    My sister: * Snort* Lets talk about it more when we get home.....

  3. As a teacher you meet some great kids... and then some that make you want to tear your hair out.

    Me: What's 23 + 45?
    Kid: China
    Me: What?
    Kid: *looking certain* China.
    Me: *gives up*

  4. What about the time my daughter (who is sixteen and never swears) let lose a stream of F words... she was four and we were at a fundie Christian conference.

    Or my niece when asked if she stands a round (buys a round of drinks) earnestly told her mum that normally she just danced.

  5. This happened when I was tucking my then 6 year old into bed one night (he's a big fan of wildlife and had been watching BBC documentaries)

    O: mum, when animals mate the male usually goes on top. How do humans mate?
    me: Well... humans can do it lots of different ways,it depends how they feel at the time (hoping he doesn't ask for details)
    *long pause*
    O: when leopard slugs mate they hang upside down from a tree and when they've finished they fall on the ground. PLOP!

  6. My eldest when aged 4 on being told I was pregnant with my third child said to us "That's Daddy's fault" we have never let him live it down ;)

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  7. Since I haven't been around many kids lately, I don't have a story to share, but here is a link to my all time favourite video:


  8. Buwahaha!! That would be my nephew. The other day we were at the Grocery store and there was another little kid throwing a fit, screaming and crying, in the middle of the aisle. And I don't know, I guess he got annoyed with the kid, (not that we weren't either, but of course, us grown-ups ignored it) But he went right up to him and said "You're Stinky!" and came running back to us... omfg!! I was so... Well, my sister, was like, "Matthew!!" and apologized to the lady, (which said, "no, no It's ok") But I was cracking up, laughing my ass off right then and there.. haha! omg... That was just hysterical. I love that little booger. lol

    Thank you so much for the contest! <3
    Judi P

  9. I don't have an kids and I don't have any relatives that live nearby that have them so I won't be able to give you a funny anecdote :\

    However, count me in for the giveaway please :)