Sunday, 25 August 2013



This week's Sunday Snippet comes from Monty Meets the Parents which will be available on the 20  September... (unedited of course)

Long after Kaylee was asleep in her pink fairy castle, lounging on the couch, Finn listened Aiden and his mom chatting about their upcoming visit to San Antonio. Finn had already spoken to her and explained that he and Kaylee would come up on the Friday and Aiden would fly down after his presentation at work. It had become quite the little ritual for him to speak to his mother and then hand the telephone to Aiden every time Molly called, and Finn was touched by how readily his family had taken Aiden and Kaylee to their hearts. Not that he'd ever thought they'd do otherwise.
He smiled when Aiden began to write down the recipe for his mother’s apple pie.  “Hey, isn’t she supposed to kill you if she gives you that?” he queried, poking Aiden with the foot he had rested on his lap. “Have you any idea how many times my Aunt Myrna has tried to get that recipe and been told to wait for the reading of the will?”
 Aiden rolled his eyes and carried on writing, throwing over his shoulder, “Momma said shut up or she’ll mention the sledding incident.”  He raised an eyebrow, his gaze locking with Finn’s. “What sledding incident?”
“I’m shutting up and you’d better do the same your end, Molly Thomas,” Finn said loudly enough for his mother to hear.  Nodding towards Aiden’s note pad, he poked him again with his foot and said sagely, “You just carry on with your recipe, Betty Crocker.”  He lounged back against the cushions and half-closed his eyes, watching Aiden’s face light up, chuckling here and there as the conversation went on.  
Although he loved to watch Aiden talking to Molly, there was a big part of him that wished it was Aiden’s mother on the end of that phone. Wished she could hear the laughter in Aiden’s voice and know how happy he was.  Chewing the inside of his lip thoughtfully, a little seed began to take root inside his head.  Dallas was only four hours drive from San Antonio... less by plane.  He could easily get his parents or AJ to pick Kaylee up at the airport and then hop on another plane to Dallas.  He was sure he could talk Patti into helping him out, because she was anxious for Aiden to reunite with them, and if it all went horribly wrong, Aiden need never even know. 
“You okay, babe?” Aiden said, crawling up Finn’s body and settling between him and the back of the couch, one muscled thigh thrown over both of Finn’s.
Finn looked down into green eyes and smiled, capturing those full lips in a very thorough kiss.  “I’m great,” he replied, laying his cheek against Aiden’s hair. In fact he was more than a little bit excited. It was time for a little digging. Time for some answers. Time for Monty to meet the parents.

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