Sunday, 21 July 2013


So I don't bombard my pages with teasers, I thought I'd start a little Sunday Snippet to hopefully whet your appetite... and, yes, I know it's his head stuck on someone else's body, but come on...

This week's snippet comes from the prologue to Laurel Heights 2 (untitled)

The air in the gaudy motel room was thick with heat and anticipation, the only sound the over loud click of the handcuff slipping into its housing. He stood back and stared down at the man on the bed… Apollo he’d said in the club—of course it was… not that it mattered… why would it? All that mattered was the dim lighting casting shadows on Apollo’s naked body. Muscles and sinew picked out in tanned stark relief against the white sheets, hard as nails cock jutting proudly from a bed of trim black curls.
“Are you ready?” He purred, his voice reverberating in his chest. He could barely contain his excitement. His gut churned with the heavenly anticipation of what was to come. Vibrating within his skin. He took a couple of calming breaths, willing himself to relax. He wanted to take his time, draw out the pleasure… stretch out the delicious release.
Please.” Apollo’s plea was a whimper from the back of his throat, the tendons standing out in his neck as he lifted his head to watch His every move.
“Don’t worry, baby,” he said softly, curling his fingers around heated flesh, the pre-come wetting his palm and sending a frisson of excitement through him. “I’m gonna make you feel so good.” He lifted his other hand and felt the length in his hand wither. This was the best part… their sudden fear when they realised the glinting metal in his fingers was not part of the game… it was real. Almost the best part, he amended internally and raised the knife high over his head. 


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    1. Well you'll have to be patient, lol - cause that's all there is 'til I've finished some others lol

  2. Just finished the 1st book!!! Soooooo good! You need to get crackin on this cause I'm dying to read it. :-)