Sunday, 7 October 2012


To set you up... Thirty years ago every member of Tri Delta House met an untimely end at the hands of Marcus Stockwell. Ethan has spent two years in the paranormal psychology class and is fascinated by the hereafter. Davis has a reputation for being the campus stoner, but he's also a talented photography student. Together they investigate the mystery of Westford Hall with the help of one of the victims of that fateful night. But will they uncover more than they bargained for, and find themselves in danger?

Here, Davis and Ethan are watching the video footage they took at Westford Hall and are amazed to see a boy asleep in bed and another standing over him with a knife...

The boy in the bed said something to his attacker, his face pleading, tears running down his cheeks as the knife entered his chest. But he was ignored and the knife was plunged again and again and again until blood ran down the sheets and onto the floor.
Ethan and Davis watched as the killer leaned down toward his victim, his own tears wet on his face when he pressed his lips softly to those that were now unable to return the gesture, before he placed the blade to his neck. The blood spatter was immense as he slit his own throat and then fell onto the blood covered body on the bed.
“Holy fucking shit,” Davis breathed when the screen went blank, “what the hell was that?”
“I think we just saw Marcus Stockwell murder Brad Newton.”

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