Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Inspiration for The Gift ;)

The Gift is being released by Silver Publishing on the 5 January 2013, and is the sequel (kind of) to Mr Popsalos. We get to catch up with Jamie, Luke and Reggie as their first anniversary approaches.

The three of them now live together, Jamie having moved in with the father and son - Luke is hoping for a new promotion at work, Jamie is teaching the second grade and Reggie... well... Reggie is still Reggie.

But an unforeseen incident threatens to upset their little corner of the world and their devotion to each other will be tested - causing Jamie to question what really makes a parent.

Last year's cover was phenomenal but this year I get a cover all my own, so I thought it would be nice to share with you my inspiration for Jamie, Luke and Reggie. Who knows, they even match up with yours :)

This is Jamie....


and Reggie......

So don't forget... 5 January 2013 at Silver Publishing and find out exactly what The Gift is all about :)

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  1. I love Mr. Popsalos and can't wait to hear what the boys have been up to!