Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday... What does it mean to you?

What do Sunday's mean to you? What is the first image in your mind when you see the word Sunday? Or someone says the word Sunday?

Lazy days?

Family days?

Putting on your Sunday best and heading off to Church?

Maybe it's not even an image that is conjured up for you... maybe it's a smell...

The traditional Sunday roast.  Beef, roast potatoes, stuffing, parsnips, carrots, peas, broccoli, brussell sprouts, cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire puddings and, of course, thick, meaty gravy covering the lot!

Then a brisk walk to burn off some of the calories?

Or maybe it's watching Match of the Day?

Pretending not to be paying any attention while your Dad and brother watch the footy.

Yawning away as you flick the pages of your magazine. Definitely not showing any interest in the muscled sweaty thighs, firm buttocks and flowing hair (well, in the Lineker and Hoddle days... and let's not forget there's only one Chrissy Waddle *sigh*)

Or it could be an image as simple as the last one...

Granddad and Uncle Bert (these ones aren't mine, but close enough) snoring in their chairs, top button undone to relieve their widening girth after those four extra Yorkshires they managed to talk your Nan into making.

But somehow they always managed to wake again just as dessert was being served.... uncanny.

Sundays for me are probably a mixture of all of  these things and more. Homework, long soak in the bath and hair wash before school the following day and the Antique's Roadshow before bed. Not a care in the world, except whether or not David Smith was going to notice me in maths.

Now I'm the one cooking the roast and doing the washing up and I wonder what will be my children's first thought when someone says the word... Sunday?  How about you?


  1. Sunday's usually mean family dinner day for us. I go full-out and make a big meal. Working fulltime during the week I usually cook quick, easy meals. But on Sundays? It's usually a big meal. Homemade sauce (what I am making today), chicken cordon bleu, stuffed cabbage, chicken over rice, chili, and other family favorites. We try to have our children and grandchildren over for Sunday dinner as well.

    We are also a big sports family, and since it is now football season, if the New England Patriots are playing on a Sunday afternoon, we will plan a get-together with my hubby’s siblings and everyone brings an appetizer and/or dessert and then we order takeout while we watch the game.

    Sunday’s are also the day that I take my mom out for breakfast and then we go to the market to buy our groceries for the upcoming week.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday, Lisa.


    1. And you, too, Sharon!

      Seems like Sundays in your house are filled with fun, family and more fun :) Make sure you set an extra plate next weekend, I'll start walking now :)

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