Monday, 13 August 2012


A deadly virus rages indiscriminately across the United States and then beyond. The survivors face a new terror--the undead creatures created in the wake of the infection.

Devin Reid is part of a group surviving out of a high-security penitentiary near Kansas City. Resources are limited and it's down to a handful of people like Devin to meet the demands on food and supplies. The newly-made monsters are hungry, and the survivors risk their lives scavenging the cities and highways.

On one fateful venture, Devin finds something, someone, with the potential to change a dark future, destined for blood and heartbreak, into one of hope and second chances. He finds Noah Weber.



Those that know me are aware I have a little passion for the horror genre, so when Meredith promoed her new book, I was excited. I can't lie. Well I could.. but I'm not very good at it, so there's no point.

Anyhoo, I opened the book and from the first page I was transported into a post-zombie apolocalyptic world of survivor and predator. Within moments you feel like you are in the world Russell has built, surrounded by zombies ringing the dinner bell. You know what it reminded me of? A scintillating cross between The Stand and the Walking Dead. Yes I know The Stand didn't have zombies in it, but it's all about the survival and the way they come together to try and build a new life.

Devin was the perfect hero. Handsome, strong, determined, but oh so broken. *le sigh* And Noah has been alone for so long, wondering if he is the only one left and not even knowing he could be the answer to everything.

I admit there were a few dicey moments there when I thought I was going to have to bring down a world of pain on the lovely Ms Russell's head... after all she was the one who lifted me up and threw me into zombieland - and I really don't do enough cardio to outrun supercharged pitbulls in human form. 

But this is a wonderfully written helter-skelter ride with twists and turns that leave you reeling. And beneath it all, Devin and Noah try to find out if they can have a future, together, when any future at all seems so unlikely.

Bloody loved it. The total dogs bollocks! Go get your copy now!


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