Sunday, 15 July 2012


I've been MIA for a while as far as the six are concerned, but hopefully I'm returning with a doozie!

This week's six comes from Going Under...

"Please," he mumbled, crying out when his face was pushed harder onto the cold surface, his swollen eye screaming out at the abuse. "I don't know what you want. Why are you doing this to me?"
As suddenly as it began, it ended. The pressure on Evan's head was gone and the knife had fallen back onto the bench, not moving, returning to the inanimate object it was. Using his hands and whimpering at the movement, he eased himself upright and his gaze immediately fell on the chopping board beside his fingers. Carved into the wood were three shaky words:  You know why

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Have a good week! 

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  1. Crikey, Lisa that's a scary six. Very intriguing.