Friday, 8 June 2012


This is Micah. He's a midwife in a little hospital in the depths of the English countryside.  You may find his name a little unusual for an English country gent, but there is a story behind that... his father may have been celebrating a little hard before he attended the Register Office. Let's just say it took many a bunch of flowers and box of chocolates for Michael's mother to get over that little mishap.

Life for Micah is good. He loves his job, loves his family - although having them live a four minute walk from his house can sometimes be trying. Ever woken up to find your mother and last night's hottie swapping breakfast ideas in the kitchen? You get the idea. But he's happy with his lot.

Happy that is until the one that got away moves into the village with his very pregnant girlfriend.

This is Josh. Well, Joshua Boyd IV to be precise.

He's not entirely sure how he ended up here, in the ass end of nowhere. He thought they further he ran, the harder it would be for anyone to find them. That they could make a life together without--

He certainly didn't expect to walk into the ante-natal clinic in the smallest hospital in the world and find the one man he'd been running from... even if only in his own mind.

Micah Williams... so full of the way he was going to change the world... God, how he'd wanted to change it with him, but he couldn't and now... How could there be a future for them now? And would Micah even want one when he found out the real reason Josh had to walk away all those years ago?

Throw your title ideas at me and the winner will receive their ebook choice of my back catalogue, together with a copy of Micah and Josh's story on it's release, along with their own dedication.

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  1. Hi Lisa :)
    Just love me
    Community hearts

    That is all I can think of now, thanks for this fun contest :)
    I love your books!!!


  2. Un-Expecting

    A male midwife sounds fantastic! Can't wait to read the book :)

  3. Oh! This sounds like It's going to so full of angst! lol.. I can't wait!
    hmm... ^^;; heh, well, this is what I thought of.. >___<

    -A Chance at Love
    -Forever Yours
    -Nowhere Without You
    -It All Comes Back To You
    -The Way It Goes
    -Fool Me Once
    -Second Chances
    -Believing In Fate


  4. Hi Lisa, again;)

    It's Me Again
    Change The World With Love
    Change The World For You


  5. What about ...

    You Again
    Of All the Places in the World
    Full Circle

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com

  6. Scratch out Full Circle - just read another blog & another author will be using this title.

    Some more ...

    Just Breathe
    Keep Breathing
    Keep Pushing

    strive4bst at yahoo dot com