Monday, 13 February 2012

WHITNEY HOUSTON - 1963 - 2012

I was 15 when this record was released and it was the first song of Whitney's that made a huge impact in Britain. I remember sitting in my friend's bedroom listening to this over and over, both of us singing along, watching all the music shows that would show her video, Top of the Pops, Soul Train, everything we could find.  She was only six years older than us and we all wished we could warble like her... sadly none of us could... and there is no one else in this world who could either.

I bought her albums religiously and followed her career.  She was an inspiration to many and such a big part of my eighties and nineties.  Every song evokes a memory for me and that is what it's all about.

No matter what choices we make in life and however much the negative side of latter years is bandied about in the press, she had the voice of an angel and brought joy to millions - and no one can ever tarnish that.

(I hope you have found peace at last)

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