Wednesday, 7 December 2011


What do you want to wake up to Christmas morning?  Unfortunately, I can't send you Mr Hot Christmas here, but how about I send you TWO other hotties instead.....?

All you have to do is leave a comment to win a signed paperback copy of Unshakeable Faith.  If you fancy cuddling up with Brody and Nash over Christmas, you know what to do.

You have until Wednesday 14 December to leave your comment, giving me an idea of how you spend your Christmas.

Good Luck!!


  1. Stupid question - fast answer: I do *g*

    Christmas Eve we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas [family tradition]. My Christmas Day will be spent opening pressies in the morning, helping to prepare the veggies and washing up behind the cook, then stuffing myself into a stupor at the mid-day dinner. Afterwards, those of us still awake will watch any movie/TV show we all agree on. We will probably be too full of dinner to manage much in the way of evening meal, but a lot of wine and beer will be drunk.

  2. Christmas is family, family and more family. :D My sister will be in from Nigeria - woohoo!

  3. I'd like to wake up just once to silence and the birds singing but usually it's a bacon sandwich and a hot cup coffee in bed from hubs.

    Complete of course with the added hazard of spilled coffee from my daughter bouncing on my bed shouting get up, get up i want to open my presents!!

    However anyone spends their day tho i hope it is peaceful. It's a time for families and showing the ones you care about how much they mean to you. A time for reflection on the good things in life, and a time to reach out to others who could use some love.

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  6. Me! Me! Pick me!! LOL!!

    I spend Christmas with family. It's usually just the hubby, daughter and her wife Christmas morning. We make coffee (a must!!) and then open our gifts. I am in charge of making the traditional toutieres (along with all the favorite cookies that everyone loves) and bringing them to which ever house we are having dinner at that day. So, once we have finished opening our gifts and the pies are made and the cookies are packed, we meet up with the rest of the family to celebrate. We eat, open more presents, and then eat some more. We now have three grandchildren and it is such a joy to see them so excited!

  7. Oh! I'd love a chance to win a paperback!!
    Please count me in too! >o<

    Hm, and usually the day before Christmas we simply gather the family. well... Immediate anyways, since all my cousin's and grandparents and Aunts and Uncles live in Mexico or El Salvador or Costa Rica. But It's usually my sisters, my mom and dad and we gather ran the living room, watch a movie waiting until midnight. THAT has been a tradition since as far as I can remember. Always waiting till midnight to open gifts... but that's about it. nothing really fancy... lol..

    Judi P

  8. *flails and raises hand* Me, me, me! LOL.

    Christmas Eve is a bit tricky. We'll probably have a simple dinner out and then go to bed. And then the next day, we're going to have a pretty simple Christmas here, just me and my sister and my parents. My mom will probably be cooking the whole afternoon long, with me and my stepdad jumping in to help from time to time. I'll probably be too lazy to open presents in the morning so my parents will have to force me to do it again, just like last year, LOL. So yeah, we're just cooking and eating and watching TV and opening presents on that day.

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. This will be our first Christmas without our girls in the house they're both out on their own. We'll just probably get up stay in our jammies, relax and try to enjoy the day. Do what we always do, lol I would love to be entered I loved Unshakeable Faith!!

  10. ::makes grabby hands:: Want!!

    How do I spend Christmas? Well, there's no kids in my house anymore (no human ones, anyhow), so Hubby and I spend the day together. We open some presents in the morning, then go out to whichever restaurant is open (someone usually is). Then we open the rest of the presents at night.

  11. I want the book!!!!!!

    My Christmas is me being civil to the walking arsehole while he visits his children in the morning with presents. Followed my me cooking dinner and then watching the kids play with whatever they got from the family!!!!