Friday, 9 December 2011


"You make it sound like you're discussing the weather," Max shook his head slowly, a frown creasing his smooth forehead, his tone incredulous. "How can you be so casual about it? You're talking about taking a life. It's like you don't even think of them as human, like you have no feelings at all."
"I have great respect for the sanctity of life, Max," Carter replied. "My life. And you're right. I don't think about them. When I feed the only one I'm thinking about is me. Quenching my thirst, my desire, my needs—whether it be for their bodies or for their blood. I'll admit, usually it's both. I like to make their last moment enjoyable," He raised a sardonic eyebrow. "It's better to go out with a bang than a whimper."
Max sat and watched this man with the face of an angel talk about murdering people as if it were inconsequential; and he felt his blood start to boil. "How can you make jokes about it?" He stood up and began to pace, his fingers carding nervously through his hair.

Carter's gaze narrowed as he watched Max walk back and forth. "I should go," he said, standing and making a move toward the door. Max grabbed his arm, halting the vampire in mid-step, wanting to understand how Carter could dismiss his actions so easily.  He knew he should heed the clear warning in Carter’s gaze, but he didn’t. "Max, let go," Carter ground out, his tone low but menacing and Max ploughed on.
"I just don't understand how you can't feel anything. How someone's life has no worth for you. I just don't understand…" Max's words tumbled over one another and he could feel  the anger  rising in the vampire. Every clanging warning bell in his head told him he should, but he couldn't. "Haven't you ever felt anything for anyone?"
"Max," Carter's tone was hard and cold. "You came to me remember. You asked for my help."
"Well maybe I shouldn't have!" Max's voice rose with each word. "How can you help me save lives, when you can't even feel? You are a monster."
Max felt the breath rush from his body when his back hit the wall. He hadn't even seen Carter move. It was too fast. He felt cool fingers close around his throat and soft lips a whisper away from his, the vampire's lean body pressed against him so closely that he could barely take a breath.
"That's right, boy. I'm a monster. You knew that. Yet you still came. Why? What do you really want from me? Is it this?" Carter bent his head to lick a stripe up the tanned column of Max's throat, and Max gasped as Carter used his fingers to turn his head and expose more of his neck. "Don't… Carter… no," Max whimpered low in his throat. "Stop. This is not why I asked you here."
"Liar," Carter hissed, pulling back to look at Max's mouth, his hand holding him firmly in place with barely any effort. "I can smell it on you. How much you want this. Want me. I make no excuse, or apology, for what I am, Max. I'm a vampire. It's my nature to rip and tear and drink. Who are you to tell me that my nature is wrong? Who are you to tell me that I don't feel? You have no idea what I do and do not feel. You have no right to judge me. You don't know me. But you want to know me, don't you, Max?"
His gaze bored into Max’s, fingers tightening on  his skin. Carter’s rage was palpable and Max knew he’d pushed the vampire too far, and in that single moment he was more afraid of him than he’d ever been.  Carter could snap his neck like a twig, drain him of his life-giving blood and dispose of him without so much as a backward glance.  At least that’s what rational academy trained Max told himself.  The not so rational Max could hear the rushing of his blood in his ears, feel the pounding of his heart in his chest at the other man's touch—and didn’t want it to stop.

Carter wanted to hurt and to punish, to snap this irritating human's neck like a twig and put an end to the misery he found himself swamped in. But the scent of the man filled his nostrils, pervaded every pore, and he couldn't prevent his gaze from dropping to the soft mouth so close to his. Before he could form a rational thought, he growled like an animal and brought their lips together.
There was nothing soft about the hard crashing of lips and teeth and Carter felt Max’s futile attempt to shove him away.  Not that Max would have been able to move him unless Carter wanted to be moved and, right now, moving was the last thing on his mind.  He wasn’t expecting, however, Max to curl his fingers into the back of his neck and dig blunt nails into his flesh, tearing at the skin.
Taking a step back, Carter stared into Max’s dark eyes as the human tried to haul more air into his lungs, his warm puffs of breath fanning out across Carter’s face.  What the hell am I doing? Carter shook his head, whether it was at Max or himself he wasn’t sure, but he knew he had to get out—now.  Then Max’s gaze dropped to his mouth and Carter could have sworn his heart skipped a beat at the desire and need in that single glance.   He couldn't prevent the gasp that left his lips when Max’s  hands lifted and grabbed onto Carter's hair, catching him off guard and bringing their mouths back together.
Carter moaned into Max's parted lips, his tongue licking rough and hungry into the moist cavern of Max's mouth. Swallowing the whimper that vibrated in the other man's throat, he curled his fingers into the neck of Max's T-shirt and ripped it open, his cool hands moving feverishly over the hot flesh he exposed. He threw his head back when he felt Max push aside the collar of his shirt and latched warm lips to the hollow of his throat. "Fuck, Max," he moaned at the feel of that gloriously sinful mouth sucking on his skin and grabbed a handful of wavy hair. His fingers tangled in the soft curls and yanked Max's head up and away from his throat, slanting their mouths together again.
Carter's tongue fucked into Max's mouth feverishly, every thrust into moist heat echoed by Max's as they both fought to control the kiss. As he pressed even closer, he could feel Max's arousal thick and hard against his thigh, and the way Max's hips ground against him had his own cock straining against the denim of his jeans. The kisses they exchanged were not gentle or loving, but hot, ferocious, and punishing, as if neither man could get enough of the taste of the other; pressed so close that not even a breath could come between them, as though they each wanted to climb inside the other's skin.
Carter's hands moved down the muscled torso and he tore his mouth away, whispering an apology at the hiss that escaped Max's lips when his fingers ghosted over the reminders of the assault the other man had suffered. As his desire had ignited and taken hold, he had almost forgotten that Max was still in a lot of pain. Glancing up into lust blown eyes, he bent and slid his tongue gently over the bruised flesh, wetting the skin thoroughly, tracing every inch of the injured flesh. His own name echoing in his ears as it fell from Max's lips.
Max whimpered over and over as Carter laved at at his skin and Carter couldn’t help his own whimper of satisfaction, knowing that his tongue, although he meant it to soothe, was obviously  driving Max crazy. Long fingers scrabbled at Carter's shirt and he was hauled back up to Max’s mouth, his lips being devoured as though Max could not get enough of his taste. He loved the way Max bit-kissed at his lips, pulling the full lower one between his own and drawing it into his mouth, then swiping his tongue the soft flesh.
Moaning into Max's mouth, Carter scraped his teeth over the soft lips. That's when he tasted it. He froze immediately, tearing his mouth away.
Max stared dazedly at Carter, his eyes heavy-lidded with desire as he reached for him again, but Carter moved farther back, his tongue snaking out to collect a single spot of blood from his lower lip. Max’s blood. Eyes widening as already dilated pupils almost blew completely, and not just from desire, Carter lifted  his hand, mesmerized, and touched his finger to Max’s lips and then pulled it away. Staring down at his skin, and the smear of red, his fangs descended immediately. He must have bitten Max a little too hard in their frenzy to get closer to each other and he hadn't even noticed.  The scent of that single bead of sticky red hit Carter like a freight train. His nostrils were filled with the rich, coppery sweetness of Max’s essence and his mouth filled with saliva at the thought of biting, drinking, taking.
Carter stepped toward Max, his gaze centered on the bead of red on that lower lip, now knowing the other man's true taste. His instincts urging him  to taste more,  to taste everything.
Just take him, it's what you want, it's what you need, his inner voice whispered insistently in his ear. Even he wants it, you can feel it rolling off him, he wants you to take it, wants you to bite down, wants you to—
Clenching his hands into fists, trying to shut out that voice, he let out a guttural, animalistic cry and turned on his heel, fleeing from the house and slamming the door behind him.

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