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A big welcome to my bestie, PATRICIA LOGAN, who is joining me today to talk about her release...A VERY GOOD YEAR...

Release Day!
I don’t know about you, Lisa, but when I finally attain release, it’s thrilling as well as so gratifying! LOL! But seriously, this is my sixth release and “A Very Good Year” is a great way to wrap up the year. I do love the fact that my publisher on this project, Rebel Ink Press, was so flexible with the release date. It is wonderful to work with a publisher that cares about their authors. In this case, “A Very Good Year” was originally scheduled to go live sometime in early 2012. I begged the wonderful E, my editor, and all around greatest, easiest person in the world to work with, if she would be willing to move up my release to December because of other scheduling conflicts and a new biography project. She was thrilled to do it and so far, has granted my every request.
Reflecting on this year, I am so blessed to have been picked up by two new publishers and have projects and contracts in the works with both, for releases next year. I’ve also continued to work with my original publisher and they are releasing my epic “Gypsy Knight” on January 11, 2012. This novel is a departure for me. This is the first title that I have with a female main character, who undertakes a journey with two gorgeous knights, in the year 1291, post crusades. This was the very first book that I have ever written and it was originally a M/F. Last year about this time, I adapted it to a M/M/F and added about 10K words. It is entirely different from my other titles and my first historical. I am honestly kind of terrified about how this one will be seen by my fans. I hope they understand that M/M is still my thing and that it is a genre that I will continue to write and love.
One project, completed and due for release on February 4th, 2012 is “The Slave’s Mask”. My 30K book is just one-third of a compilation of Valentine’s day stories. My other two thirds are Lisa Worrall with “Behind the Mask” and Sue Brown with “The Layered Mask”. This project is a wonderful historical journey through time beginning with Sue Brown in 1811, followed by me in 1863 and finally Lisa Worrall, in the current day.
Finally, I had a wonderful opportunity fall into my lap on Thanksgiving this year. A dear old friend, Chris Montez, asked me to write his biography. Chris toured with the Beatles in Europe before their fame. As a matter of fact, they were Chris’ opening act! He had such famous tunes as “Call Me”, “Let’s Dance”, “Sunny” and many many others. In Brazil, he had five number one hits and has recorded albums in Spanish as well as English. His musical history and discography read like the 1960’s rock and roll hall of fame. I’m honored to be doing this project with Chris and though we’re just getting started with interviews, it is just a bit daunting. I’m currently buried in 500 page biographies of Keith Richards and Andrew Loog Oldham, the famous promoter of the Rolling Stones, trying to get in the zone of 1960’s rock and roll.
That kind of brings you up to date with ongoing projects. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your marvelous support, both my fantastic fans, dear author friends and marvelous publishers and all the hard working promoters and back stage people in this business. I wish you many blessings this holiday season and hope that this New Year brings you joy and happiness and everything that you wish for. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanza and if I missed anyone, Many Blessings!
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 Dmitri Hernandez is starting his life over. After his release from captivity and four years in college, he’s just accepted a position as vintner at the Lazy E Vineyard and Dude Ranch. He’s excited about the job, but he’s even more excited by a tall, handsome cowboy that turns him on in every way. Maverick Walker is a true Marlboro man in every sense of the word and Dmitri falls hard for him. The two begin a relationship which only burns hotter until a third man steps into the mix and complicates everything. Carlo Degli Esposti, a famous Italian wine critic and gay playboy, makes his moves on Dmitri right away. Dmitri is suddenly torn between a handsome blond billionaire and a dominating cowboy with a vulnerable side.
Carlo Degli Esposti is turned on by Dmitri’s sexy good looks and smokin’ hot body but the more he gets to know Dmitri, the more he realizes the vintner has devastating secrets buried deep within. As Carlo and Dmitri begin to see more of each other, Maverick backs off. He wants his own lover, not a relationship where he’d have to share Dmitri with the gorgeous Italian. As Dmitri’s nightmarish secrets are eventually uncovered, Carlo realizes he's deeply in love with the handsome vintner and vows to make him the center of his life. Will Dmitri be able to forget the big, beautiful Maverick? Is Carlo enough to fill the hole left in his heart so many years before? Will taking a job in the Texas wine country be the worst decision Dmitri has ever made or will it be a very good year indeed?

The kiss deepened and Dmitri let Mav take him right down along with him. He’d never been kissed by someone that he wanted to kiss back. Marcus had taken from him. But this was different. Maverick was giving to him and it had Dmitri heady and reeling under the big cowboy’s onslaught. His cock hardened to a steel pole, something he didn’t think he’d ever experienced with Marcus. Something he never wanted to experience with the filthy pedophile. He knew Mav must have felt it because the big man’s own substantial cock was grinding against Dmitri, seeking the inevitable release Dmitri also needed.

Dmitri moaned, vibrating all the way from his chest up and into Mav’s mouth. That was all the encouragement the cowboy needed. He disconnected his lips from Dmitri and leaned his forehead against the smaller man’s. His breathing came in short pants, his chest heaving as he looked into Dmitri’s lust-filled gaze.

“Knew you wanted it,” Mav declared matter of factly. He rocked his cock against Dmitri’s hips again, which were held in place by Mav’s massive paws. “Feel that? Want it too,” he said before diving back down onto Dmitri’s lips. Dmitri could do nothing but open to him, this time eagerly, as he reached up and clutched at Maverick’s shirt, pulling his head down toward him hard.

“Oh God!” Dmitri managed to groan as Mav’s lips left his own, blazing a flaming trail down the side of his jaw to Dmitri’s neck. Dmitri yelped as Mav bit down on the soft skin then moaned as the cowboy’s tongue snaked out and soothed the area. “Yeah,” Dmitri heard himself saying. “Yeah, mm… yeah there,” Dmitri sighed as Maverick latched onto the spot and began sucking softly. A shot of pure lust zinged through Dmitri when Mav groaned in his ear.

“Wanna suck you,” he whispered, his gravelly voice sending shivers down Dmitri’s spine. “Wanna suck the come outta you now, Dmitri. Wanna taste all that spunk you got for me. Come on… You want it?”

I totally love this story and have it on my kindle already!   Good luck my lovely, not that you'll need it, it's superb!

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