Friday, 21 October 2011


Welcome to Weekend Dirty Dozen...this is a chance to display 12 sentences of a current WIP or a forthcoming or already published work.  For my first 12, I have chosen a snippet from Unshakeable Faith, which is due for release on the 28 November 2011.  Unfortunately there is no cover as I'll just post the 12.

To set the story up....Nash has no memory of life with Brody, but Brody is certain that as soon as his lover lays eyes on him, the floodgates will open and everything will come rushing back.  A series of misunderstandings lead to Brody being interviewed for the position as Nash's bodyguard...this is where he sees Nash for the first time since he left their home on that fateful morning...but do things go quite as well as Brody hopes?

There was Nash, seated behind a glass desk in front of the bank of windows. When he stood to greet them, Brody’s heart sank at the dark circles beneath his eyes and the grazing and bruising to his face. He clenched his hands together behind his back to stop himself from reaching out to trace each one of Nash’s injuries with soothing fingers.
When Nash reached them, he held out his hands to his mother and kissed her firmly on both cheeks, “Momma. You’re looking very pretty today.”
“Thank you, darlin’,” she replied, turning to introduce Brody. “This is Brody Tyler. I’ve just been talking to him about the bodyguard position.”
Brody froze when Nash turned to look at him with a rather bored expression on his face. His green eyes studied him so intently he felt like a fly under a microscope. Brody felt warmth flood his cheeks at the slow coast of Nash’s gaze over his body, which he felt vaguely ridiculous about, because Nash had looked at him a million times, had tasted him a million times; but this was different. Nash’s gaze was cold, calculating, and he couldn’t help but notice the glance he tossed at his mother, giving her an appreciative smile and nodding as if they were sharing some private joke.
Brody’s eyes narrowed and he held out his hand. “Nash, I’m Brody. Pleasure to meet you,” he said, keeping his tone friendly, emphasizing his name as if that would somehow spark a light in Nash’s gaze—but there was nothing.

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  1. I bet it's a pleasure to meet him- it's gonna get hot in here real quick I do believe
    Dawne p

  2. Awww. Poor Brody! His disappointment and heartbreak are palpable! Well done!

  3. Bless Brody...I feel bad for him xxx

  4. A heartbreaking 12. I hope things improve for Brody, fast.