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On the sofa today is Sam Singer to tell us a little bit about her first ever release!  Reconnecting.  

First of all, congratulations on Reconnecting and thank you for joining me on the sofa, Sam and for agreeing to answer some questions for me, 

1.                  So who is Sam Singer?

Can I get back to you on that?  I really have no idea because who I am changes from day to day.  I’m a friend, daughter, writer, fangirl, coffee addict, classic movie lover, and animal lover.  I’m honest, loyal, and open minded.  And some people say I’m more than a little random. 

2.                  Tell us a bit about your current WIP / latest release.

Well, my latest release is also my very first!  It’s called “Reconnecting” and is being released by Dreamspinner Press on October 12th.  I’m so excited!  I have more than a few WIP’s, one being a novel, my first, and another short story that I’m planning to submit. 

3.         How do you work, do you pick a title first, or characters names, or how they look?

            I always focus on my characters first.  I pick names, flesh out their pasts, define their motivations, and plot their futures.  Then, I pick what they look like.  Usually the last thing I do is pick a title.

4.         When did you know that writing was your passion?
            Second grade.  I was always writing as a kid.  I remember I would be scribbling my stories in my notebooks and my friends or other kids in my class would ask what I was doing and I would say “writing” and they would always want to know why.  I would always say “because I like it.”  Even when I find writing hard I love it.

5.         What was your first book and how long did it take to get it published?

Well, “Reconnecting” is my first published work.  It’s a short story and I guess from when I wrote it to when it got published was really only a few months.  I’m kinda astounded actually.    

6.         What some don’t realize is that writing is a discipline and you have to proportion a part of your day to it – how long does it usually take you to complete a manuscript?

            It really depends on what it is I’m writing.  A short story, 10,000 words or less, I can usually knock out in a week, if I’m really feeling the story and characters.  Longer works, I have 2 unpublished novellas, take maybe three or four months.  But like I said that’s if I’m really into the story.

7.         Do you outline your plots first?  Or are you like me and just go hell for leather?

            No plotting or outlining for me!  I just wing it all!  Makes things exciting!

            8.         Out of your body of work – do you have a favourite character?

I really can’t say that I do.  I love all my characters because on some level they all have a little piece of me. 

9.         If you were to offer advice to someone starting out, what would you say?

Find what you’re passionate about and write about it.  That passion will show in your work and draw people in.

10.       Who are your favourite authors, in any genre?

I absolutely love anything by Stephen King.  I have a passion for hard-boiled detectives.  I love James M. Cain, Mickey Spillane, Dashielle Hammett, Raymond Chandler and the like. I also love JK Rowling as well.  She created a brilliant world. 
(Me too!  Stephen King is my ultimate favourite - the man is a genius.)

11.       If you hadn’t chosen writing, or rather, writing hadn’t chosen you, what do
            you think you would be doing for a living?
            I have no idea.  Work in a library most likely.  Something to do with books! 

12.       What do you do in your free time?  And don’t say writing!

Research for writing, does that count?   I’m very much a home body.  So in my free time I’m usually watching a movie, reading, or listening to music.  

13.       What makes you laugh?

            My cat.  He’s kinda insane and hyper but he’s a blast to watch.

14.       What irritates you most about other people?

            How they treat each other.

And finally….

15.       Would you like to share with us your favourite joke?

I honestly have no idea what to put here!  
(No one ever

Thank you for coming to chat, Sam, and I wish you many sales. 

It's been a pleasure talking with Sam and you can find her at:-   

And here’s a little taster of   “Reconnecting”

Grant flicks on the light and looks around. Everything is neat and tidy. He walks over to the dining room and kitchen. There are no signs Ben cooked an elaborate meal, no dirty dishes or even a hint of scent lingering in the air to suggest any cooking had gone on. Maybe Ben had been so devastated he didn’t eat before he turned in. Grant sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, feeling like the world’s biggest ass and a failure as a partner.
He drops his leather messenger bag, a very expensive gift that Ben had bought for Grant when Ben published his first novel, on the large white sofa and trudges upstairs, head bowed like a man walking the last mile.
He reaches the upstairs hall and his fear, guilt, and uncertainty gnaw at his guts. Accepting the inevitable, he goes to the guestroom on the left and slowly, quietly, opens the door. The room is dark, and Grant can only make out the queen-sized, plain, cherry wood bed. And it’s empty. Grant lets out a relieved breath and feels a silly smile pull up his lips. So maybe Ben isn’t so angry at him that he isn’t sleeping in their bed. He takes a few deep breaths, hoping to calm the thundering of his heart.
He closes the door to the guest room as quietly as he opened it and continues on. He passes Ben’s office, the half-bath, and the linen closet until he’s standing in front of their bedroom. The door is closed, but seeping out from underneath the door is a soft, flickering light. Grant’s brows come together in a puzzled frown.
He reaches out and opens the door. And gasps. The room is bathed in the soft glow of candlelight, and a fire is popping cheerfully in the fireplace. There is a small table and two chairs off to the side. On the table sit two candles, two place settings, two covered plates, and an open bottle of wine.
What was all this? Did Ben do this? For him? If he did, then why? Grant had forgotten what today even was until Lizzie, his bubbly assistant and the one good employee he has, reminded him.
“There you are.” Ben’s rough, smoky voice, still with the hint of Texas drawl, reaches Grant’s ears. It’s kind of amazing how even just the sound of his man’s voice sets Grant’s heart to racing.

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