Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do You Get Those Days?

You know...those days when you basically look like the lovely lady above (minus the hat...I don't suit hats).  The days when you think, fuck it, I'm only going to the shop, that shirt I wore yesterday will last another outing.  When you look in the mirror and squeeze the grease from your hair and try and fool yourself that if you just scrape it back in a tight ponytail, people will think that's gel and not 'cos you haven't been arsed to wash it.  When your son dares to interrupt and all you can say is, "What?  Hungry?  What's wrong with you boy?  Get your bow and arrow and go and hunt your own dinner, like we did when we were kids."  Or when your children kiss you on the cheek, because that's their signal for..."Mother you have been ensconced in the writing cave for far too long, love - and your breath is less than fresh."

We've all had those days...I know we have...please don't let me be alone...I don't like it in the dark on me own....

Thank God!  I can see a few hands up there at the back....phew *mops fevered and embarrassed brow*.

So you accept that yeah, you might stink a bit...you could do with a breath mint and there's enough grease on your hair to fry egg and bacon in...but then you look back at the 10,000 words you've written and think....YES!....5,000 more and I can have a shower!

Thankfully those days are not exactly happening on a regular basis...but occasionally, when the muse is a little quiet and I'm twiddling my thumbs...I look forward to those days...hell, even long for them...even may not shower on purpose to see if he'll appear....

So wave your hand in the air - stand out and proud and shout it loud - I don't mind being a minger if it makes my writing zinger!

Yes...ahem...well...maybe I'll take that shower now...

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