Sunday, 2 October 2011


This week's six is another snippet from Contintental Divide, my collaboration with the uber-talented Laura Harner.  She posted a little excerpt for her unofficial six and now here's my bit...enjoy :)

Remy and Jamie have returned from the club, where they worked to cement their cover as Jamie, the Earl having fallen from grace, and his "man", Remington, who can get the Earl what he wants, when he wants...however, Jamie feels that Remington is taking his role too far and is angry that the stupid Yank could so easily palm him off on another man, and tells Remy so.  However, Remy's reaction is more heated than Jamie anticipated...

“Remy, please,” Jamie moaned his hands moving feverishly over the taut skin of Remy’s back, 
the bronzed flesh burning where he touched.
“Jamie,” Remy growled, rearing up on his hands and gazing down at Jamie. 
“I can’t do slow, don’t…know how.”
Feathering his fingers through Remy’s hair, Jamie pulled him down and 
licked his way into Remy’s willing mouth, swallowing the moan that vibrated 
in the muscled chest against his. 
When he finally let Remy up for air, he shook his head. 
“Don’t need slow, just need you,” he gasped arching into the weight 
of Remy’s body, desperately seeking the friction he craved. 

I hope you liked it... Continental Divide will be out later this year!  Please don't forget to do the clicky and check out all the other fabulous entrants for this week's Six Sentence Sunday 


  1. Mmm...and it just keeps getting hotter. I have a feeling Remy's carefully erected walls will be under a constant state of siege with Jamie around.


  2. Yum-may!! Cannot wait to read more!!

    Great Six!!!!

  3. OMG! Hot, hot, hot!!! I've never wanted to be a man more than I have right now :P

  4. I think Remy's more than met his match !

  5. Loving this one ladies! well done!

  6. Hot! Such delicious description... very nice six!