Sunday, 30 October 2011


Hellooooooo, erstwhile followers!

Who would like to win a copy of my new release, Forever Dusk, just in time for a spooky Halloween read?  I have 2, yes count them, 2 copies of Forever Dusk to give away to a two lucky commenters. 

What do you have to do I hear you cry? 

Have any of you had any paranormal, or supernatural experiences?  (and watching Ghosthunter International or otherwise, do not count!) 

Let us in on your ghostly encounter and I shall choose the most intriguing two at 6.00pm EST (11.00pm GMT for us Brits) on Halloween, so make sure you leave your email address so I can send your copy winging its way before Halloween is over ;)

Self-confessed horror fan Jonah reluctantly agrees to accompany best friend Theo and his latest squeeze to a new club downtown. Dressing up like an Anne Rice reject was not part of the deal, but that's exactly how he finds himself outside Forever Dusk--the latest theme club for wannabe vampires.

After watching a fake vampire sinking his fake fangs into fake skin and drinking fake blood, and warding off an attempted assault by a drunk moron sporting fake contacts, Jonah decides to beat a hasty retreat.

Until he gazes into the beautiful, violet-colored eyes of Sebastian O'Keefe, the club's owner. Inexplicably drawn to this vision of tall, dark, and mysterious, Jonah makes a decision that could change his life forever.


  1. Yeah Lisa pls include me ..I love it.

  2. Do you have a ghostly encounter to tell us about Lupa?

  3. 20 years after my grandmother passed away, I was at a workshop doing a meditation. She came to visit with me to say good-bye. The whole experience felt so real that to this day I'm convinced we really talked.
    Sounds like a great book Lisa!

  4. Hi Lisa! Ghostly encounters...I still wonder if it was one or a neurological incident. Many of the houses in town are old, 18th, 19th century. One of my friends lived in one and during a visit, I saw a woman at the top of the stairs, no more than a glimpse of a pale, sad face, and then she was gone.

  5. I dont have any ghostly encounters, I just wanted to say congrats and I'll be adding it to the TBR. lol

  6. My most paranormal experience was running into my grandmother's ghost in my aunt's house at the age of ten. It was my first time in Ohio (hated it!) and my sister, Nikki, and I were watching The Omen trilogy.
    The first night we slept in a spare bedroom, the door began to rattle and I awoke. My sister was beside me snoring. I just knew she would wake up but she didn't. I was so scared, my heart was in my throat the rest of the night until I went back to sleep.
    I told my aunt about the incident the following morning and she said her mother has always haunted her home. It was a bit strange for me as this a grandmother I never knew as she died before I was born. Suffice to say, I have never been back to that house -- or Ohio -- again. ;-)

  7. I've had a real strange thing happen to me right after my MIL passed in 1989. I had a rare MIL (mother in law) as we were close and she became my dearest friend. DeeDee passed away on a spring afternoon in March and I toll it real hard. Although I was her caregiver at her request, and I new she was dying and had known for 6 months I was unprepared for it. I just pulled inside myself and couldn't let the grieving begin I think because I was to close. A year later I was sitting in a college classroom and the slass was almost over for the day. As I stepped through the doorway I felt a hand on my shoulder and sudden scent of Charly perfume. I was the last person to leave the room and there was no one in the classroom behind me. I couldn't get out of the building fast enough. I got home that early evening and there was a card in the mail from DeeDee's sister's in western Washington. They were sending me something that DeeDee wanted me to have after her death, and really scared the hell out of me that I could smell her perfume that day along with the touch on my shoulder. I still get a scent of her perfume once in awhile. But there is never anyone around when the perfume odor appears....*S*
    Thank you for the giveaway!


  8. i want this ^^

    happy hallowen all

  9. Do you have a ghostly encounter, Eli?

  10. I have had several encounters, but the one that I most charish is when my husband died. I CLEARLY heard windchimes everytime I thought of him, and there were no windchimes around, nor wind for that matter, as I was inside most of the time. That sound followed me when I moved from our apartment (the memories being too painful), and to this day, 2 1/2 years later, I still occasionally hear windchimes and I know it's because he knows how much I love windchimes.

  11. Oh! I'd love a chance at this. Please enter me in the drawing.


    My ghostly encounter was rather... odd.. and frighting.
    See I had gone to my friend's house and they (her sister/family) have always really believed in the supernatural. Not that I'm a skeptic, I do believe in things we cannot see, but not as deeply as they do.
    Well, on this night, I had gone over to sleep over. Just a regular sleep over where we got to talk freely about yaoi and all of my new gay novels I recently got and thought they should read (lol) and as we were getting ready to go to bed they told me the story of how they're always being... 'haunted' or 'tricked' by the passing spirits. On the day they moved in, Esme, the youngest sister, had a brief and scary encounter with a spirit and it has said it would not leave until it got what it came for, well, they said they burned sage and hung crosses and their mother later declared, that the spirit MUST leave NOW, never to return, and for a warning for all the other spirits, they may pass by and make a small stop at their dwelling freely, but come morning they must leave immediately. And if they refused they would be banished. And since then, they have indeed always had passerby's. but there is this one spirit, a man in a black suit and tall black hat, that comes to their house often. He comes when he feels like, months in between but sometimes, He passes every week, never failing to show up on the same day of the week and time when in that month he decides to frequent their house. Always.
    When they finished telling me, I thought, shivering. Creeeepy~~... hope I never see him. and then just didn't think about it again or tried not to as I lay down to sleep in the living room. (where I was sleeping after watching movies).
    In the middle of the night, or later, I couldn't really tell, I was bleary eyed and I just knew It was still very dark out, I got up to use the restroom. As I was walking down their hallway to the restroom, I saw a shadow. It was standing in between the small corner that separates Their parents room to their brothers room. So, at first I thought it was perhaps Junior (their older brother) or perhaps even their dad or Josh(the younger brother) I kinda jumped but said, nervously a small hello. I had stopped walking, to greet whoever was there, and so stood there with it, and when I got no answer I took a step forward only to realize there was no one there. It was a shadow that could most definitely not be there because it was just me. My heart beat faster and I just rubbed my eyes thinking I was still have asleep, (you know that drop and sinking feeling you get when you realize you just lost or could have lost your wallet or ID or something important? That's what i felt) but when I opened my eyes it was still there. Not a "mist" or whatever crap people say in shows, but just a shadow, like one you get with a dimly lit candle. All I could do was stand there and stare, just stare. This shadow, kind of leaned in like coming toward me not all the way just a slight, bowing type thing and then.... I woke up.

    Have you ever Had those dreams where you could swear up and down, swear your blood on, was honest to god real? Living breathing, smells, color, feelings, REAL??... well... That's what that was. I woke with a jolt with the light coming through the blinds and the sounds of their mother in the kitchen. Normal.
    I told Wendy about it after a little nervously and feeling stupid that I had a nightmare about the damn spirit they told me about just as I fell asleep but she was like.. No, no. You met him. congrats Judi, the house has welcomed you.
    was my only response. lol...