Friday, 2 September 2011


I have my lovely mate, Dawne Prochilo on the sofa with me this Friday to give us a sneaky peek at her latest, His Holiday Seduction - although I'm making her put her feet on my lap as we talk as she's not to overdo it....take it away my lovely...

Excerpt from a holiday release with Romance Divine, His Seduction Plan (scheduled release October 8, 2011)

“Dani?” Hunter's voice broke through her thoughts.
“Yes.” She swallowed hard.
“I want you.” Those three words so full of confidence. Direct and self-explanatory. His hand slid up her forearm and gently caressed her bicep before touching her shoulder.
“Me?” She shivered under his touch. His hand continued tracing along her shoulder to her collarbone.
“Yes, Dani. You,” he murmured moving closer. He was so close, his breath brushed on her cheek and she inhaled sharply, shut her eyes allowing her mind to wander to his next move.
“Do you want me, Dani?” His mouth was inches from her face.
“Yes, I want you too.” She suppressed a moan. “I want you bad.”
“Let's go then.” He kissed her cheek, his lips hot against her skin.
“To where? The bedroom?”
“No. Somewhere better.” Another kiss, this one on her chin.
Dani opened her eyes. “Where?”
“Over here.” Hunter stood, held her hand assisting her to stand.
As their bodies met, Dani recognized the hardness of his body including the bulge in his pants. The stiffness didn't alarm her but she stifled a moan in her throat.
“Oh God, “she whispered against Hunter's lips. “I want you too.”
“I'm going to please you Dani,” he promised. “And once won't be enough.”
“I mean more than one pleasure release now and more hereafter.” His statement was full of desire and a future.
“Really?” She stopped kissing him.
“Really, I've wanted you for a long time Dani.”
“How long?” The question escaped before she stopped herself from asking.
“Since the first time I saw your months ago.” He lowered his mouth, capturing hers.
“The bedroom?” She asked when she finally forced their lips apart.
“No.” He dipped his head and started nibbling her neck.
“Then where?”
“Here,” he said in between kisses. Wrapping his arms around her full waist, he led her towards the recliner. His mind was more on this chair than the movie they'd just finished watching. The closing credits music filled the room as the back of his knees bumped into the chair. “Here.”
“The recliner?” Dani smirked.
“Yes. Is that okay?”
“Oh, no. It's perfect.”


Hunter started unbuttoning Dani's blouse. The soft pink fabric was smooth and barely covered the fact she was wearing a dark bra beneath. His fingers fumbled with the buttons until she interceded and took control. Within seconds she had all the buttons undone, revealing a lacy black bra against her soft skin. Incredible came to mind when thinking of her breasts. Hunter was awestruck by the ampleness of her bosom. He'd fantasized about cupping them with his hands and sucking them with his mouth for months.
When she finished with her blouse, she lowered her hands to his waistband and undid his belt with his jeans zipper and button following. His hands slid over her breasts, finding their way around her and unclasping her bra. The confines of her bra opening, her breasts released in glory. His hands greedily began cupping until his fingers found the nipples. His fingers tweaked and twisted the hard tip causing an eruption in her throat.
“Oh God Hunter. Don't stop.” Her hands slid in between his jeans, cupping his ass.


Love, love, love it hot in here?  Dawne go and open that window love...
I wish you many, many sales my love and have no doubt it will become a bestseller.


  1. Wow, it's def hot in here. Love the excerpt Dawn!

  2. hot stuff! nice post.