Friday, 2 September 2011


Hello my pretties and welcome to Flash Fiction Friday, where you will find one hundred words per week based upon a picture chosen at random by either myself or my other cohorts in this marvellous adventure.  Some may be turned into a continuing play, so make sure you follow the links both within the one hundred words and at the bottom of this post to see what delights await you.  This week's inspiration was chosen by Bonni Sansom, the minx...

Daniel knocked on the door, calling out, “Room service!”
He found himself looking into the startling blue eyes of a ruggedly handsome man.  “Mr Richmond?  Fresh towels,” he said brightly, entering the room.  He paused mid-step when a willowy blonde with her hair scraped into a pony-tail came out of the bathroom. Her black suit jacket was open and swinging free to reveal black lacy underwear.  “Um…room service?”
Angel glanced over at her husband and stroked a manicured nail down Daniel’s cheek.  “I love it when you order off the menu,” she purred, pushing him slowly towards the bed.


Joining me today are a bevy of other beauties and one gorgeous guy who are the fantastically talented authors who have contributed to this week’s Friday Flash Fiction: Bonni Sansom, Katie HarperLani Rhea, Muffy Wilson, J P Archer,  Rhea Archer, Patricia LoganChris QuintonLaura Harner, Sara YorkBenjamin Russell.  Please click on their names and stop by their blogs to read five very different interpretations of the same picture.

In addition, I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to my fellow author friends Daniel Christian Juris and Paul Richmond and Angel Martinez for agreeing to be this week’s guest stars in my FFF fantasy.  Please click on their names within the one hundred to stop by their pages and find out what kind of mischief they’ve been getting into.

Thank you for supporting Friday Flash Fiction.

See you next week!


  1. Oooohhh, I like...a lot!

  2. I loved it and it was executed in a playful, creative style. That is definitely delicious mischief!!!:) xo

  3. Ok, so I want the name of the hotel. Can I order two blonds, a brunette and one sex fiend named Bonni?? Great Lisa, this is a cool example of creative writing - Loved It. Especially, the part about the kinky husband taking pictures. I wonder does he only watch or does he get to sample the "Today's Special" too?

  4. LOved it Lisa. The poor nervous room service guy. He doesn't know what to do. I bet she knows what to do with him.

  5. Hot! I want to know what happens next! Bet he didn't anticipate that happening when he woke up to go to work that day... hehehe

  6. I wonder what the gratuity was? Good job. I'm gonna go call room service now.

  7. What other amenities does this hotel offer? And do they provide the whips and ball gags or is that all on me?

    Great job!! "I love it when you order off the menu." Out of context it sounds innocent, when you get your hands on it....IT'S HOT!!

  8. Very neat! Loved the off the menu comment!

  9. Ooh, very hot! I like the menu idea! Well done, Lisa! Well done!