Friday, 12 August 2011

Only Child...Can You Spot One at Ten Paces?

An only child can be a wonderful, or a wicked thing.  What do I mean?  Do I have an only child?  No.  Am I an only child?  No.  So what do I base my opinion on?  I know quite a few only children and I married one, which kind of qualifies.

Admittedly, of course every child is different, I have two who are similar in some ways and totally different in others...but there are two types of only child.  The one who grows up gravitating towards others, because they longed for the closeness of siblings when they were young.  They weren't overly spoilt by their parents for fear of doing that very thing, no one likes a spoilt brat, right?  They were taught that being self-sufficient doesn't mean you can point out the things that everyone else is doing wrong.  They are taught that, just because there's no big brother fighting for attention and stomping his feet to get the bigger piece of pie, everyone takes their turn and kindness and sharing is paramount.

Then you have the one who thinks they are God's gift.  They were spoilt rotten by parents and didn't give a shit that Mummy and Daddy had to go without as long as they got what they wanted.  They wouldn't know how to share if you gave them a manual and flashcards.  They think their self-sufficiency gives them an air of superiority, whereas all it does is make them unlikeable.  No one wants to be told that you're not doing it right, right?  They're often egotistical, self-centered, narcississtic and wouldn't know how to take responsibility for their actions if you gave them, well I've already mentioned the manual and flashcards scenario. 

I know which kind of only child I about you?

P.S:  This is my own opinion and is not meant to offend but, unlike only child number 2, I think I'm entitled to that opinion :)

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