Friday, 12 August 2011


Welcome to Friday Flash Fiction, where you will find one hundred words per week based upon a picture chosen at random by either myself or my other four cohorts in this marvellous adventure.  Some may be turned into a continuing play, so make sure you follow the links to see what delights await you.  This week's inspiration is.....

and here are my 100:-

'He stood in the kitchen doorway and watched her rummage through his cupboards looking for coffee.  She’d re-dressed in her bra and panties, but that could be easily remedied.  He licked his lips at the sense memory of the silken fabric against his skin when he’d rubbed his face into her crotch, before licking it aside.

Padding across the kitchen, he spun her and lifted her into his arms, ignoring her squeal of protest as he held her legs around his waist.  Then he noticed the pale pink heels.  She’d been wearing them last night, too—but not for long.'

Don't forget to click on the links to read Ben's, Lani's, Katie's and Bonni's interpretations.

Until next week....



  1. Excellent 100! Love that you incorperated her wardrobe, or lack there of into the scene.

  2. Lol - it's not as hot as yours (wait until the men next week ) Lol

  3. This was wonderful, Lisa! Loved it! I like how she squealed with protest and he didn't care. heehee

  4. Ok, so...I loved the part about putting his head in her crotch, suckling on her panties and then using his tongue to push them aside. Hmmm, who needs coffee when you've got that image in your mind. I like it Ms. Lisa, I like it a lot.

  5. Speaking of wardrobe, am I the only one who thinks he should be wearing next to nothing. The girl is all sexy in her come-get-me-now getup, but the guy looks like he could be lounging on the coach watching Sports Center. Fair is fair.

    I loved your 100! It was just enough to make me go "CRAP!" when the words ran out.

  6. Sexy, very sexy!!! Loved it - you all have such great stories, thanks for sharing them!!