Sunday, 21 August 2011


Let me set the scene; Nash has been advised by the police to stay inside until they can be sure the threat of immediate danger has passed.  Of course, his bodyguard, Brody Tyler, is making sure they follow that advice, to the letter.  Driven crazy with boredom, and the fact that big, beautiful Brody Tyler is constantly there - Nash decides to do a little teasing to test the other man's restraint.....

Nash opened the French doors in his bedroom and walked out onto his balcony.  He hated this; not being in control.  He was only able to do minimal work from home because he couldn't get to his paper files, and he had the Nelson meeting in four days that he needed to prepare for.  Something he couldn't do stuck in the Goddamn house.  Why couldn't Brody protect him at the office?  What did he pay him for, for God's sake?  Nash sighed as he leaned on the balustrade and looked out across the gardens.  He needed to get out.  Couldn't stand being cooped up like a caged animal.  Running a hand through his hair, he watched through lowered lashes as Brody walked across the lawn towards the pool.
His gaze coasted over his bodyguard's face as Brody tilted his head back to feel the warmth of the sun on his skin.  Nash's tongue snaked out to moisten his lips and he felt himself go from zero to half-hard in a breath.  He watched Brody lift his arms and stretch; an involuntary moan rumbling low in his chest when the thin cotton of the wife-beater Brody wore rode up with the movement.  Nash remembered how that expanse of soft skin had felt beneath his fingers and he swallowed hard as he was hit with the sense memory.  His eyes narrowed when Brody grabbed the hem of his wife-beater and pulled it up over his head, flopping down onto one of the sun loungers around the kidney shaped pool.
A slight smile playing around Brody’s lips, Nash suddenly knew, without a doubt, that Brody knew he was being watched.  Asshole, so you think you’re all that, huh?  Think I can’t resist you?  Well let’s see how well you play your own game.  Nash turned and strode back into his room, pulling open the dresser and searching for the tightest, skimpiest bathing suit he possessed.  They were a vivid purple and had been a joke Christmas present from Harper last year and for a moment he wondered whether or not he would actually have the guts to put them on. 
Shucking out of his clothes, he picked up the suit again and sat down on the edge of the bed to put them on.  His still semi-hard cock lay hot and heavy against his thigh and in a split-second he made an alternative decision.  A wicked smile curving his lips, he dropped the suit onto the floor, grabbed the towel and stood up, wrapping the fluffy cotton around his hips and securing it; then headed downstairs.
Nash ignored Hannah's shocked expression as he walked through the kitchen and out the patio doors; striding purposefully towards the pool.  He could see in his peripheral vision that Brody's eyes opened at his approach and widened when he saw him.  Padding along the tiles around the pool, he stopped at the deep end and stood at the edge, his bare toes curling over the cold ceramic. 
A brief glance told him that Brody’s curious gaze was on him, albeit through lowered lashes, and he let his fingers drift down his own naked chest until they reached the towel covering his modesty.  Pulling at the material, he moistened his lips and let the towel go, tossing it to the floor.  He stood for a moment, letting the cool breeze waft over his naked body before lifting his arms and diving elegantly into the crystal clear water.
The water was refreshingly cool after the heat of the sun and Nash stayed under for a few moments before breaking the surface and shaking the water from his eyes.  He trod water as he ran a hand through his hair, another brief glance at the prone form of the big man sending a satisfied tingle up his spine when he noted Brody’s gaze hadn’t deviated.  Slowly, he let the water hold his weight and floated aimlessly on his back, a smile playing around his lips at the combination of the sun, a cool breeze and the even cooler water on his naked cock; that was alternately under and above the surface. 
As the water lapped around him, Nash couldn’t help the smugness he felt.  Not that it was news to him that Brody found him attractive, the tongue in his mouth and hands on his ass had made that perfectly clear.  The smugness came from the tightening of Brody’s jaw and the brief glance that noted the slight tenting in the other man’s shorts.  Beneath the smugness was also a twinge of admiration; if he’d been in Brody’s position, he wasn’t sure he would have been able to show as much restraint as the bodyguard.  If the tables had been turned, he'd probably have jumped into the water on top of Brody before he’d even broken the surface after the first dive.


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