Monday, 13 June 2011

Mini Fic Monday # 3

This is slightly longer than the usual one thousand words - it kind of got away from me a bit there ;)

# 3  -  Detention
“Principal Davis?” Michele’s disembodied voice was crackly over the intercom. 


“Mr Armstrong is here to see you.”

“Thank you, Michele. Send him in.  You might as well head off—we can go through those reports tomorrow,” he said, running a hand through his hair and biting back a yawn.

“Thank you, sir. Goodnight.”

James leaned back in his chair and opened the file on his desk, lifting his gaze and automatically rising to his feet as the door opened and Ryan Armstrong’s father walked into the room.  “Mr Armstrong,” he said, smiling politely and holding out his hand.  “Thank you for coming in on such short notice.  Please, take a seat.”  James clasped the other man’s fingers in his and shook his hand firmly. 

“Thank you.  Please, call me Rob,” he replied, sitting down in the proffered chair.

“I wanted to talk to you about Ryan,” James began.

“I kind of guessed that,” Rob Armstrong drawled, his gaze taking in the muscles that rippled beneath the thin cotton of the principal’s shirt as he settled into his seat.  He slowly let his gaze travel up to the other man’s face, noting the full lips and the straight nose beneath soulful sea-green eyes.  Topped off with blond, carefully gelled hair. 

“I sent a note home with Ryan last Thursday, detailing his disruptive behavior in class and asking you to come in,” James raised an eyebrow and tried not to show his discomfort at being studied so intently. “I’m guessing you didn’t get that.”

“Good guess.”

Leaning back in the chair and folding his hands on his stomach, James sighed.  “The thing is, Mr. Armstrong, it’s got to the stage where Ryan’s behavior is so disruptive that I’m seriously considering expulsion.”

“What?” Blue eyes widened at the statement.  “Come on, you’re kidding me, right?  He’s fourteen, you know what kids are like at that age.  They don’t know which way to turn.  He’s a walking hormone bomb.  You remember what it was like—don’t you?”

James nodded.  “I know what you’re saying, Mr. Armstrong.  Of course, I do.  But Ryan isn’t the only hormone bomb we have here.  But I’m afraid Ryan is the only one who has pushed his boundaries to the limit. Look,” he sighed.  “I want to help him but, if he won’t let me, there’s really nothing I can do.”

Leaning back in the chair, Rob ran a hand through chestnut colored hair.  “So the decision to expel him is yours?”  His lips curved into a soft smile at James’ nod, and let his gaze fall to the principal’s lips.  “Isn’t there anything I can do to change your mind?”

James felt heat unfurl in his belly at the weight of intent in the blue gaze searing into him.  “Excuse me?” he said lamely, swallowing hard when the other man rose from his chair and walked around the desk until he was standing beside him.  He started when long fingers curved around the arms of his chair and turned him around so that he was facing the other man.

“I think you heard me,” Rob said softly, dropping to his knees and running his hands up James’ thighs.  “I know you’ve watched me at the PTA meetings.  I watched you too.”

“You did?”  James moistened his lips.  “I mean—Mr. Armstrong this is entirely inappropriate—“ the  words were silenced by a gentle kiss to his lips.  “Mr...I can’t...we can’t.”

“Yes you can, and so can we,” Rob drawled, his tongue teasing the other man’s full lower lip.  “It’s easy.  You help me out with my little problem and I’ll help you out with your,” he raised an eyebrow, as his fingers ghosted over the impressive bulge in the principal’s pants, “not so little problem.”

God, what are you doing?” James moaned, when the other man palmed his already half hard cock. He lifted his hands to push at Rob’s shoulders, but his fingers curled into warm skin of their own volition.

“Well—first I’m going to get you naked and then I’m going to suck you so hard you’re gonna lose your fucking mind,” Rob said huskily, undoing the buttons on James’ shirt one by one and pressing a moist kiss to each piece of tanned skin he revealed.  “Then,” he pulled at the buckle on James’s belt and eased the button through the hole, sliding the zip down slowly. “I’m going to fuck you ‘til you don’t know who you are.”



“Rob...please, I’m not...oh God.” James tried to string a coherent sentence together but failed dismally when Rob pulled down the waistband of his boxers and released his now rock hard cock. “Jesus!” James hissed in a breath when Rob’s lips closed around the head of his cock and slid all the way down his shaft.

“Hmmm,” Rob murmured, pulling off and looking up into James’ now glazed eyes.  “Who would guess that under that suit, all that straight lace you keep yourself shaved and baby smooth.  It’s fucking hot.  Did you do that in the hope that me, or another man like me would pin you down in this chair and suck you dry?  Is that what you want me to do?  Suck you ‘til you come...’til you pulse hot and hard down my throat?  Is it?  Tell me Mr. Principal...tell me what you want.”

James’ brain had great difficulty forming any other thought apart from rightthefucknow as Rob’s lips closed around him again.  He squeezed his eyes shut tight and his breath panted from between his lips when Rob’s tongue dipped into the slit, lapping at the pearls of pre-come gathered there.  When Rob’s mouth slid down his shaft and then began to bob teasingly slow, James grunted, bringing his fist up to his mouth to try and still the cry that was working its way up his throat.  He felt as though his brain was melting inside his skull.  He was hot all over and his chest ached with the effort to breathe while Rob’s sinful tongue licked and stabbed at the bundle of nerves below the head of his cock on every upward stroke.  Sweat pooled in the hollow of his throat and James moaned when Rob’s fingers curled around his balls and rolled them gently in his hand.  He was coming undone.  The world was fading around him until all there was were lips and tongue and teeth, pulling him to the edge.

“Oh, Jesus...fuck, Rob.  I’m gonna come...fuck...fuck...Rob—“ James cry was cut off by the grip of Rob’s long fingers around the base of his cock, stilling his orgasm in its tracks.  “What?  No...please,” James whimpered, as Rob hauled him to his feet and changed their positions, so that Rob was seated in James’ chair his own trousers, miraculously around his knees. 

“Ssssh, I’ll get you there, baby,” Rob crooned, pushing one hand onto James’ lower back, bending him so that the other man’s ass was revealed to him.  Curving his fingers into James’s firm cheeks, he parted them and smiled against soft flesh at the guttural moan that he heard when he touched his tongue to James’s pulsating hole.  “So fucking pretty,” he muttered, lapping at James’s entrance, swirling his tongue around, spit dripping down his chin as he breached the ring of muscle with the tip of his tongue.  “You taste incredible, Mr. Principal, just fucking incredible.”

“Holy fuck,” James whimpered when Rob slipped a finger deep inside him, Rob’s tongue still lapping at the rim as he stretched it.  When Rob added another finger and pushed it in hard, his blunt nail scraping across his prostate, James saw spots dancing behind his closed lids and he tried to remember how to breathe.

“You like that, Mr. Principal?” Rob drawled, pumping his fingers in and out until they moved freely and then he added a third, stretching James wide as gently as he could, ready for his girth.  “Are you ready?” He grasped James around the waist and pulling the heavily panting man back between his legs.  At the wild nod, Rob gripped smooth tanned hips and guided James down.  “Come on, teacher.  Ride me like the cock slut you are.  Oh fuck,” he hissed, sliding James down his shaft until he was fully seated in Rob’s lap.  “God, so fucking hot,” he whimpered, an unbidden cry falling from his lips when James gripped the arms of the chair and swiveled his hips.  He rose slowly up Rob’s throbbing cock and then lowered back down, quickly establishing a rhythm that had them both moaning and panting breathlessly into the quiet of the room.

As their pace quickened, the echoes around the room consisted of grunts and whimpers and breathless cries of harder, faster, more.  Rob met every one of James’ thrusts with an upward thrust of his own, his shirt sticking to his back—the sweat running down his skin in rivulets.  James’ ass began to pulsate around him. He knew the other man was close and reached up with one hand to grip onto the short strands of James’ hair, the other curling around his leaking cock as it bobbed against the other man’s stomach.  “Come on, teacher, come for me,” he groaned into the back of James’ neck, turning the other man’s face so that he could kiss him, wet and dirty, tongues fucking into each other’s mouths.

“Oh God, oh, God!” James cried hoarsely. The slide of Rob’s cockhead across his prostate too much for him as he came in hot, wet bursts across Rob’s fingers and his own thighs.

“Yes – fuck, yes!” Rob emitted a guttural yell, thrust one last time into the pulsating ring of muscle as his orgasm was dragged from him from him. He pulsed hot and heavy into James’ channel, his hips thrusting in the mindless and uncoordinated pursuit of pleasure.  “Jesus Christ,” he panted, his head falling against James’ shoulder as the other man collapsed against him.  “I think you deserve an A.” He grunted when James stood up and then sat back down in his over sensitive lap.

James chuckled low in his throat, his voice cracked and raw.  “A+,” he mumbled, turning his face into Rob’s tanned neck.  He yawning inelegantly, sated and boneless.  Lifting a hand he curled it around the back of Rob’s neck, his fingers feathering lazily through soft curls.  “Did Ryan finish his homework, or is he still complaining about the extra algebra Mr. Hennessy gave him?”

Rob nodded, his hair brushing James’ cheek.  “Yes, to both questions.  I dropped him off at Matty’s on the way over here.  I told him I might be a while, so he’s going to text when he’s ready to come home.”

“I bet that went down well,” James replied, snorting at the thought of the disgruntled eye roll and mumblings that their fourteen year old adopted son would have given Rob at the mere thought of his fathers having some alone time.

“The usual,” Rob laughed. “I recall the words ‘gross’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘you’re so embarrassing’, being thrown about as he walked out the door.”

“That’s better than the screams about his eyes bleeding when he caught us kissing in the kitchen on Saturday.” James stood up slowly and opened his drawer for some tissues.  “You’ve made me hungry.  Pizza on the way home?”

Stretching, Rob tucked himself back into his pants and pulled himself to his feet.  “Awesome.  Hey, babe?”  He turned his husband around to kiss him before he opened the door.  “Next time, can I be the principal?”

“Only if you promise to make me stay behind for detention.”



  1. I never get into M/M, but I've learned several things from post like these to improve my love scenes!

  2. Thanks K.T. glad you liked it :)

  3. I'm new to m/m romance and didn't think I'd really get into it--but that was just plain HAWT. Oh, my! *fans face and hopes the guy sitting next to me in the waiting room can't see my screen)


  4. LOL - glad you enjoyed it Kally