Monday, 27 November 2017


On Friday I went back to work for the first time in seven years!

(I hasten to add I have been working in those seven years - in my little cubby hole listening to the voices in my head and making up their stories - but not in an office as I was before)

The job I have now is on the Clerical Bank at the local hospital, which means I can be in any department, at any time and I can pick and choose when I work. At the moment it's three days a week until the end of December, which suits me fine.

Anyhoo, I arrived on Friday, all bright eyed and bushy tailed - Kelvin dropped me off with my little lunch box and told me to play nice with the other boys and girls. I held what my dad told me when I started my first job (so long ago now that I wouldn't dream of telling you!) "Be on time, be polite and do as you're told" close to my chest, took a deep breath and off I went.

First problem was, they weren't expecting me. The lady I had been told to ask for, wasn't in the office until Tuesday, and no one else knew who I was, why I was or where I was going.

Then they said that the help they really needed was on reception, but the lady at the bank had told me it was admin. Not that that bothers me - I tend to just get on with whatever and pick things up quite quickly, so I may be doing that this week.

That worked itself out, they found me things to do (a lot of scanning and printing but I've done worse) and they all seemed really nice. Nobody threw me out and I didn't break anything. So all in all it was a good first day, despite all my nerves, and the fact I was shoved in a side office and they almost forgot I was there.

I'm in again on Tuesday where I will be in the main room or on reception, who knows? Wish me luck!


  1. {{{Hugs}}} All the luck in the world, hon - you'll be fine!

  2. You're a writer! Write your own story!