Sunday, 12 November 2017


I was a member of the workforce for a very long time, then I decided to jack it all in and concentrate on the wonderful word journey I have been on for the last seven years. Now I'm returning to the workforce, only part time, and I have to admit, it's a bit scary.

Tomorrow is my induction day. Not entirely sure what an induction day is, or involves, because I've never had one before. All the jobs I've had, you go to an interview, get the job and then start work. Apparently, working for the NHS isn't like that! There are several hoops (a few made of flaming fire) you have to jump through before you can even think of starting. And now there is the induction day.

I know I talk a good game, but I'm actually incredibly shy and I don't do well in big crowds, especially when I don't know anyone. So I'm not afraid to admit I'm shaking a bit in me flip-flops.

But I'm going to pull on my Bridget Jones pants and pack a paper bag in case I need to breathe into it. If I just keep telling myself what my dad always said, "Be on time and do as you're told." I should be fine.

Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck, Lisa!!
    You can do this! Hugs

  2. Hi, Lisa! It's Gayle C. you're going to be fine! Sounds to me like you're going to spend some hours learning the ins and outs and perhaps shadowing someone (not in a Supernatural sort of way, honest!). The whole hoop-jumping would have been daunting for me (I'm even shyer than you are: stop laughing!). I've been through a couple of orientation days and they weren't anywhere near as frightening as I'd built them up to be. Just remember the important bits, to wit: The number of inhalations MUST equal the number of exhalations at all times. If you have that solid? You can do it!!!! Hugs you!