Tuesday, 22 August 2017


"Bring me the contents of the security box from the bank, and make sure you're not followed." Miles Carter carries out his grandfather's instructions, and finds himself caught up in a dangerous tangle of family mysteries - and the unexpected return of Allan Warwick, his childhood friend. Add to that a parallel world and a plot to overthrow its government, both of which seem to involve his grandfather and Allan. Miles' life will be changed irrevocably, but only if he and Allan can stay together and survive the coup.

He opened the message, and straightened in his chair. I have sent you a letter and two keys. Take all precautions to make sure you are not being watched, and do not trust strangers. Follow the instructions and email me when you have them. Bring the items to me, but secretly. Leave your car at the Blue Bowl Inn in West Harptree and walk to the house via the footpaths and bridleways. Make sure no one sees you, and keep out of sight of the road. Come in by the back door. I will explain all later. Miles hadn't seen his namesake in the flesh for twelve years, not since the monumental dispute between his parents and Miles Westerman. They'd left Westerley Court and East Harptree for the Norfolk coast the same day, and rented an apartment until they bought a house in the village of Hemsby. His mother had been adamant that the rift remain, and nothing he or his father said over the years persuaded her to soften her resolve. "Like father, like daughter," his father had muttered, "stubborn as Army mules," but the family remained estranged. She had been equally resolute in refusing to say what the issues were, and the echo of Cecelia Carter's normally soft-spoken voice cut into his memory: "There is nothing he can do or say that will change my mind. He is paranoid and delusional and I will not have my children involved in his madness. I don't care how rich he is, Miles Westerman is certifiably insane." An old guilt twinged Miles' conscience. Ever since they'd left Somerset, he had maintained a clandestine contact with the old man, who'd advised him to keep it that way even after Miles moved into his own place in Great Yarmouth. His grandfather also turned down every suggestion that they meet. They kept in touch by email and phonecalls, talking about nothing much in particular - the Harptree gossip and news, keeping Miles up to date with the village goings-on. Miles Senior studiously avoided all mention of what had caused the rift with Cecelia, and had shown no sign of paranoia or delusions that Miles could recall. Until now.

Wow - what just happened to me? The world building Chris Quinton does in this book is spellbinding. I was completely engrossed in the parallel world she'd created and wondered how the hell she came up with this stuff! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Tense. Cerebral. Romantic. It was all in there and left you feeling completely satisfied at the end, but if there is a sequel, I'm right on it!

And I tell you something, I won't be able to look at a telephone box the same way again! Quick, go get your copy!

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