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The day Jessica West opened her bakery was the best day of her life… Well, it was supposed to be. Then Brad Hunter opened his bakery straight over the road… On the same day!
And so begins the competition, by fair means or foul, they are each determined to be the best baker in town, and neither can afford to lose.
But the line between enemy and friend is very thin, especially when you can see into each other’s homes.
With meddling families, malfunctioning appliances, and too much insight into each other’s lives, it’s easy to become a ‘West At War’

West At War is book 2 in Gem Stones West Family Series. Full of revenge, passion, and laughter. Join Jess and Brad as they steal each other's hearts... as well as their customers.


“What if no one comes?” Jessica gave the counter a final wipe before she opened the doors.
“Look at this place.” Tori indicated the room with a wave of her hand. “It looks amazing. Of course, people will come and, at the very least, you know every member of your family will stop by.”
Jessica smiled. Tori was right. Every member of her family would make a point of stopping by, but it wouldn’t do much good if they were her only customers. She’d sunk every penny she had into the shop. It was her dream.
She gazed around the shop one more time. The counters were full of freshly made sandwiches, cakes and pastries. The coffee machine at the end of the counter gave off the most inviting aromas and you could smell the fresh bread still baking in the oven. Everything was ready. Taking a deep breath, she turned the door sign over to indicate they were open. Across the road, she saw Brad put a sign outside his shop.
“Do we have any binoculars?”
“Not that I’m aware of,” Tori replied. “What on earth do you want binoculars for?”
“I just wanted a better look at the inside of his shop,” Jessica said absently. She looked up and down the street, to see if any early morning shoppers or commuters were on their way to work.
She spotted two women walking along, deep in conversation. Quickly propping the door open as they approached, she hoped the scents would invite them in. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Brad eyeing the women, but they were on her side of the road.
“Get ready!” she heard him shout. “We’re about to have our first customers!” He quickly removed his jacket to show off his muscles in the tight T-shirt he wore, then ran his hands through his short dark hair. When the women were two doors away from Jessica, he struck.
“Good morning, ladies!” He waved them over. “Can I interest you in some breakfast, or maybe something for your lunch?”
Both women glanced in his direction and Jessica fumed as he turned on a hundred-watt smile, showing off his ridiculously straight teeth. He obviously knew he looked good with his broad shoulders and narrow hips and wasn’t ashamed of using it to his advantage. They smiled back and crossed the road.
“Hello, ladies,” he said, placing a hand in the centre of each of their backs as he guided them towards the door. “Let me show you what gorgeous things we have here today. Almost as gorgeous as the two of you.”
As the ladies walked inside, he turned and gave Jessica a little wave.
“That arsehole,” she complained. “He actually poached the customers from my side of the street!”
“That was just uncalled for,” Tori agreed, joining Jessica at the door. “Oh, look, we’ll get this one.” She indicated a car that had just pulled up outside the shop.
Jessica rushed to greet the very rotund, well-dressed gentleman who got out.
“Hello sir,” she said brightly.
“Hello there,” he replied in a cheerful voice. “I must say, I drive this way to work every morning and I’ve never noticed this shop before.”
“This is our first day.” Jessica gave him her friendliest smile. “And if you would care to come in and take a look, you will be our first customer.”
“I don’t mind if I do,” said the man as he entered the shop and proceeded to check out the display cabinets.
Ten minutes later the man, whose name he informed them was Harold, left the shop with a promise to return. He took with him two boxes of cupcakes, a selection of pastries, enough sandwiches for his entire staff’s lunch and coffee for fifteen people. Jessica helped him to the car with his purchases.
Movement across the road caught her eye and she saw Brad bidding his customers goodbye. Each of them held a coffee but no bags. He crossed his arms defiantly and glared at her as she waved Harold goodbye.

“Don’t you just love first customers?” Jessica said loudly and lifted her hand to return his earlier wave before she headed back into the shop.

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