Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hello my lovelies,

When my glamorous assistant goes to school each morning, I'm not particularly worried about her. Why? Well, she's not allowed off school grounds. The teachers and office staff are trained to deal with any eventuality should it occur and, if there's something wrong, I know I will get a telephone call. But, the main reason I'm not worried is because I take her to school and I pick her up again, job done.

However, when #1 son goes to senior school each morning, I'm not allowed the same luxury. On most points, yes. He's not allowed off school grounds. I hope the teachers and office staff are as well trained to deal with eventualities as the primary school staff are and that they would call me if something is wrong. But that's not job done, unfortunately, because I don't take him to school and pick him up again. Why is that a problem, I hear you cry? He's 12 now. He needs a bit of independence. To show a little responsibility. And he's a really sensible boy. I know all that. But his school has a rule that they won't budge on - they are not allowed mobile phones on school premises - period.

Okay... I can see where they're coming from. Too much to police during school time. Too much aggro. But, in the last two weeks we have had two reports of a man following kids to school and in the local park. Luckily, so far, no one has been hurt... then this morning one of the mum's of a boy in my son's year, posted that he'd not been seen since yesterday after school and she was frantic. The Police had been called and she spent the entire night not knowing where her child was and having no way of contacting him. Of course, as a parent, you immediately get that sick feeling in your stomach. Luckily-I don't know all the details-but he showed up at school this morning where he was met by a police officer on the gate and taken home to his parents. He's safe. Thank God.

But in that forty-five minutes, half an hour, ten minutes, two minutes -  however long it takes our children to walk home - they have no lifeline - they can't contact us and we can't contact them. Please God none of them ever need to but at least they should have the option. Someone said to me that the rule is there for a reason. What if a bully steals their phone? My answer was that you report the bully to the police. Then I was told it would open a whole new can of worms because children want the latest trends and some can't afford it and would get made fun of. But in my opinion you can say that about anything - trainers, bags, shoes, the list is endless. Someone even made fun of #1 son because he hadn't gelled his hair a certain way for goodness sake. And at the end of the day I would rather know where my kid is or - God forbid - the police could ping his phone to find his last location than worry about whether or not his phone is as good as someone else's.

Is it just me? What are your thoughts?



  1. I think you know what my answer would be. The school can stuff their damn rules. Send him to school with a phone anyway. I would. But that's me. You have to do what you know in your heart is right.

  2. Tell him to keep it turned off in the bottom of his bag and then turn it on when he walks home.

  3. when I went to high school, tho mobiles were relatively new (for *all* kids to have) i remember the schools rules were simple. you turn it off, you keep it in your bag, and if you lose it, or it's stolen that's on you because they have made it clear it shouldn't be taken out of said bag until outside school, if needed. they were very clear on saying that you keep it hidden and no one will know you have it, but they understood the need for you to have your phone

    the main thing about it is that I believe you should have it on you and that it should also be one of your first points of responsibilities

  4. My son just graduated high school here in Norman, OK and we were lucky that he could always have his phone on him and he checked it between classes. I'm a worrier so I gotta know where my kid is. 😀