Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Hello my lovelies!

I know I've been a bit absent of late, but the muse may well have woken up in time for the New Year! But ssssh, in case she changes her mind and slinks back into hibernation. I know she kept me up last night orchestrating a threesome between a sire and his two sire-ees (I just made that up)!

The last of the presents are waiting to be wrapped (mega organised this year - so no panicked Christmas Eve wrapping for once or screaming at the kids if they happen to wander in on said wrappage) and the air is starting to buzz with excitement. The kids are practically vibrating and I must admit, I'm feeling a little frisson myself as it's the first Christmas me and my honey will be spending together. Even so, with all the bouncing going on around here, I thought I'd better sit down and give you all a heads up about the plan for 2016.

First on the agenda is the release of Before Sundown on the 4 January by Dreamspinner.

Blurb: Samuel Somerfield is used to the oppressive heat of the Texas plains, and in the year 1892 things get even hotter when ranch hand Eli Watkins walks onto the job. Every stolen glance, every searing touch from Eli tilts Samuel’s world on its axis. He wants only to spend the rest of his life in Eli’s arms. But Samuel’s cruel and domineering father has other plans for him. Samuel must marry Eleanor Johnston and give his father the social standing he craves. 

Eli knew falling in love with Samuel would cause problems, yet even he never dreamed Mr. Somerfield would go to such lengths to keep his son and him apart. After Somerfield orders a beating that leaves Eli disfigured and embarrassed, Eli takes a job on another ranch far from Samuel. 

News of Samuel’s impending wedding eventually reaches Eli, and he realizes he must return to the man he loves, despite what might await him, and try to save Samuel from a life he was not meant to live.

This book has been a long time coming and sometimes I thought it would never be finished - but it's almost here and is very close to my heart. I hope you all like it :)

I also have a sequel to Thirst in the pipeline. In it, we will find out more about Lyle's story and whether or not he will find the happiness he was denied by Boyd all those years ago.
The re-vamping (did you see what I did there?) of Forever Dusk is almost done, too and will hopefully be release in January. In it we discover that Sebastian and Jonah were sired by the same vampire and the possible discord this may cause when the man himself shows up - because no vampire is able to refuse his maker's desires and he wants them both.

Both covers are made by the fabulous Kellie Dennis of Book Cover by Design

I also re-visit the wonderful city of Venice where my romance, Solo Honeymoon is set. When Theo is dumped by his fiance two days before their wedding, he wants to curl up under the duvet and never come out. His family, however, has other ideas and he finds himself on the three week honeymoon he'd already paid for - alone. There he meets Matteo, beautiful, charming and he's not so sure the man he was going to marry was the soulmate Theo thought he was. 
There's also the germ of an idea about a man whose son is kidnapped and the mercernary he hires to find him.

Plus the niggling at the back of my brain pushing me to tell the story of the tennis pro who finds himself the target of a crazed stalker.

Hell... maybe we'll even pop in on Aiden and Finn to see what they're up to... who knows. And don't forget there'll be more Left at the Crossroads coming soon.

Wow - I'm going to be busier than I thought!

So my lovelies - I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fab New Year, and look forward to seeing you all in 2016!!!


  1. Awesome!!! So much to look forward to in 2016 from you!! Yay!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the kiddos and, of course, the honey!

    **big hugs** xxxx

  2. Sounds busy. Have a Happy Holiday. :)