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What does a horny, bisexual, triplet, father of one do to blow off some steam? Go to the most infamous sex club in Atlanta, that’s what! Avery Myer was the responsible, dependable, reliable… too many ‘bles’ in his opinion. So when his little boy Peg decided to spend the night at a friend’s house, Avery decided it was time to have a night of nasty, dirty anonymous man sex and lord knows he needed it! 

Martin Gaither knew if his sister Nan found out where he was going, she would disapprove. She would say he was looking for love in all the wrong places and he’d reminded her that he hadn’t had any luck finding love in the right places. So why not forgo love and jump on lust instead? Not like he was going to find love at Hobbins Gym and Sauna! 

Mathew Ortiz has a new release and it's fabulous! I sent Matt some questions and he graciously answered them... let's see what he had to say...

1. Are you a pantster or a plotter?

    Definitely a pantster. I tried plotting but found myself disliking its constraints. Seat of the       pants is my preference and I have changed an entire book halfway through because I           thought it should be going in a different way.

2. Where do you get your titles from?

    The Butcher, the Baker, the Custom Bike Maker come from the nursery rhyme. Most of         my titles come easy for me. Only three stumped me. Nutbusters (My partner Tim still             hates that title), Uncommon Ground and Eli’s Three Wishes. I’m still not one hundred           percent behind them. The Oswald’s titles come from the Latin words for the seven deadly     sins.

3. Who is your favourite character in your new release, and why?

    I am in love with Boone Myer. He is the loud, out there part of my personality, who is             braver than me and who I hope to be one day. He says what’s on his mind and is                   completely honest. He loves his brothers, his family and is an unabashed horn dog. He is     an unfettered soul that is waiting for true love.

4. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, do you find different bands work better for         different types of scenes, and who do you listen to the most?

    I like Hozier right now and Sam Smith. I am a fan of Queen and Aerosmith. I listen to             them when I write the Oswalds. And I still love listening to Bond and Kate Rusby when I       need romantic inspiration. Oh Annie Lennox’s Diva: then, now and forever.

5. Have you always wanted to be a writer? Or was there another profession you wanted to       follow while you were growing up?
    I wrote some poetry in college and have loved writing. When going for my bachelors in         nursing, it seemed all I did was write. But in all honesty I never planned on being a writer.     What writing does is give me a creative outlet in my life now. I wanted to go into interior         design and space planning in my youth. I like making places beautiful and make people         smile.  I was going to go to DePaul University in Chicago and study art but I wasn’t able       to attend. Who knows what might have been?

6. If you could visit any country in the world, which one would you choose?

    If I could pick one right now, it would be New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to go and see       the rawness of its countryside.

7. How do you overcome writer’s block?

    I walk away from a manuscript for a few days or longer. I write part-time and so if nothing     is flowing, I take some downtime. I find watching my favourite movies or cooking helps         unlock my brain. I funnel the creative side of me in other ways. I make a delectable Peach     Cobbler!

8. Do you have a set writing timetable for yourself?

    I used too in the beginning. Two months total turn around for a 150 page piece of work.         However I found myself, between writing and working spending less time with my partner     and my family. So I kind of took six months off and decided to only put our maybe three         books a year from now on.

9. What advice would you give to a writer just starting out? And was there a particular piece     of advice you were given yourself that you remember?

    If you’re just starting out, make friends with other writers. You can learn so much from           them and don’t be closed off to criticism.  It hurts at first but if it is from an honest source       take it. Also, develop a thick skin. My first one star review sent me into a pit of darkness       for days. Why didn’t they like my writing? Why don’t they like me, is what I was really             thinking. I had to toughen up and fast. It comes down to the point, you can’t make                 everybody happy.

10. Finally... if you could have a dinner party and invited five people, living or dead, who           would they be?

    My father (who I never told I was gay before he passed on. I regret not letting him know         the real me), Elizabeth Sladen (the best companion, hands down), Edgar Allen Poe (My       first journey into darkness), Hayao Miyazaki (director of Howl’s Moving Castle and                 Spirited away. His take on the world is nothing short of brilliant) and Dawn French (I’m a       big fan).

Make sure you get your copy of The Butcher, it's a sweet love story with a host of colourful characters, a must read :)

It's available from Amazon now!

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