Sunday, 24 August 2014


This is what my brain currently looks like.

Fried and frazzled from everyday life and lack of recent usage.

I need your help, my lovelies, to get my little grey cells pumping. To wake up the snoozing neurons and slap the shit out of my cerebrum.

So, what I've decided to do is set myself a challenge of a quick (up to) 1000 words free short to be posted each Friday.

What do we have to do? I hear you cry.

Well, what you have to do is help me turn my brain from that to this - with all guns ablazin'!

I want you to chuck a scenario at me, a picture, a sentence, even a single word and each week I'll pick one, crediting you of course, and make a short out of it.

What do you think? My frontal lobe is limbering up as we speak! Let me have it!


  1. can't post a pic so here is the URL to the pic I like

  2. How about a guy trying to save his relationship with his boyfriend. He decides to go to said boyfriend's house & meet him nearly naked (think Julia Robert's tie scene from Pretty Woman) only he sneaks into the wrong house, surprising the wrong guy; or is it the wrong guy? You could really flesh that out to a great & hilarious short. ;)

  3. I dreamt this last night. The local ER doc Julian is jogging by his fav place (the fire station) hoping to see his fav site (sexy hot wet fire fighter Sean) when he's struck by a car & goes flying. The car comes to a stop on the sidewalk & out comes a giggling drunk guy. The fire fighters all come rushing to help doc & he waves them off getting up on his own. The drunk is now leaning on the car still giggling. Doc asks if he's "ok?" & the drunk says "yeah." Doc coming closer asks "are you sure you're ok, cause I don't know if I could sleep if you're not?" Drunk says "yeah." Doc moves quickly into drunks space, kneeing him in the groin. Drunk falls to the ground moaning & groaning. Doc turns to the fire fighters & says "oh well, what's a little lost sleep between friends?" & promptly passes out in said hottie's arms. I was sorry I woke up at this point cause it could go places. :)