Friday, 13 June 2014

UK MEET 2014!

Once again, the organisers of the UK Meet did us bloody proud, so to start I have to give huge big squishy cuddles to the Famous Five, Josephine Myles, Charlie Cochrane, JL Merrow, Liam Livings and Clare London. Or as they like to be known... Posh Organiser, Sporty Organiser, Scary Organiser, Baby Organiser and Ginger Organiser! Well done to all of you for giving us a fabulously fun and informative weekend. You are all brilliant!

This year's meet was held at The Royal Marriott Hotel in Bristol and, quite frankly, a more beautiful venue I've yet to come across. It was filled with a romantic Victorian gothicness that had your jaw-dropping every five minutes. Especially in the Palm Court where we had our dinner on the Saturday night. The bedrooms were perfect! I don't know about anyone else, but I was sharing with Sue Brown and our bed was bloody huge! We had to use loud hailers just to say goodnight!

It was so nice to see so many old friends and meet new ones. And the readers were fabulous. I sat on a buffet of banter table concerning fanfiction with Becky Black and Mara Ismine. It was fun talking to the fanfic writers and discussing the different fandoms.

The panels were funny, informative, insightful and a whole host of other things combined. I thoroughly enjoyed each one. As for Alex Voinov's closing speech it was heartfelt, heart-warming and bloody wonderful, and he did brilliantly - even though we did threaten to hold up lighters like we were at a Barry Manilow concert!

I also wanted to talk about this year's swag bags. Can I say the quality of swag this year was stupendous. You all outdid yourselves. I'm still on a sugar high from all the love hearts! Not to mention Clare London's penises... peni... not sure what the plural is lol.

The Saturday night's entertainment was just outstanding. Well done Liam! The drag act was just brilliant. Although I'm always suspicious of a man who looks better as a woman than I do!

It really was a fabulous weekend. I finally got to meet people I've only talked to on FB like, Dani Elle Mas, Marc Fleischbauer and, of course, TJ Masters! And bumped into my lovelies, Meredith Russell, Chris Quinton, Elin Gregory ( who I did a secret sheep exchange with - very cloak and dagger), L.A. Witt, Bev Sutherland, Hanne Lie - I could go on and on. If you're pondering on whether to buy a ticket to next year's, ponder no more, if you don't you really will be missing out.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! The Songbirds choir on Sat night was all Charlie, not me. Clare London & I hatched the drag and butlers plan over dinner. :-) Liam

    1. Liam, you and Clare must have dinner before next year's meet too .... Alex's bottom was a definite highlight!