Saturday, 21 June 2014


The Worralls stepped back in time today.

It started as a normal Saturday morning. Gracie and me wandered to the hairdressers to get our hair done. She's my eldest niece's flower girl on Wednesday and she's very excited. So excited she actually consented to having a fringe (bangs) put in because Kimberly asked her to - not because I've been trying to get her to have one for the last three months *rolls eyes*.

 And here is Gracie getting the full works, courtesy of the lovely Natalie.

It was my turn after but I wouldn't let her take a picture of me :)
And of course there had to be a close-up.
Doesn't her expression just scream "Good God woman, step away from the camera!"

Anyhoo - after the girlification, we picked up Alex and decided to go into town for brunch. Bearing in mind Alex had "slept" in the front room last night - which means he watched the telly til dawn and then decided he should go to bed. No such luck number 1 son - if you're tired it's your own fault mate.

After much soul-searching and Alex repeatedly saying "Why of course mother, I will get up willingly to go and buy your shoes for the wedding. I can think of nothing better to do with my two hours sleep and my Saturday morning." (yeah right) we were off!

My friend had posted on FB last night pictures of her at Bobby Jo's Diner down on Southend seafront and so I suggested we go there, providing we could park. It was a beautiful day and a drive along the seafront and the smell of the estuary would wake Alex up and give me an opportunity to take the piss out of him every time he moaned.

Surprisingly we nabbed a space a few hundred yards from the diner and stepped back to the '50's. Booths made out of cadillac seats in blue and white leather, pink walls and waitresses decked out in poodle skirts and coiffed hair and little caps - it was brilliant! Lots of '50's paraphernalia about and imagine my geeky excitement when we were directed to the Tony Curtis Booth! I want the Rock Hudson one next time!

We ordered a breakfast. I had the "Ice Trucker" and Alex had the "Hollywood" (yes I know, but not that kind of Hollywood). Gracie had a kid's breakfast.

And, of course, they had bubblegum milkshakes that were to die for. Served in a huge glass topped with whipped cream and a cherry!

I had a cherry coke - just to keep in the spirit of things.

Everything was delicious and the atmosphere with the giant jukebox blaring out '50's hits just added to the ambience. Can't wait to try one of their gigantic hotdogs next time!

 And the kids bloody loved it!

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  1. Look at those smiles!! Looks like they enjoyed themselves.
    What a cool place Bobby Jo's Diner sounds like!!!

    And I'm digging the fringe, Gracie! Looks lovely!