Friday, 29 November 2013


Just a little Christmas giveaway, but remember, you'd better be on the nice list!

So... what's your best Christmas present EVER - past or present (all puns intended)?
Leave a comment and I will get my glamorous assistant to pick a name out of the proverbial hat (this time red with a white bobble on it) and you can win....

1st name:     Signed print of New York Cowboy. (Picture below)

2nd name:  

Special collage mug inlcuding the covers of, Always Hope, A Nanny for nate, Going Under, By Design, A Perfect Gift, I Can See for Miles, Laurel Heights, New York Cowboy, Too Much Christmas Spirit and Westford Hall.

3rd name:     $10 Amazon Gift Card to get your Christmas reading fix.

Psssst... there might be a little something extra in the shape of chocolate, too...

Happy commenting!


  1. Best Christmas memory ever was my mom and I trying to stuff my month-old twins in Christmas stockings for pictures for my husband. We laughed like kids trying to do it. Thank you for the giveaway - I can image all the looks I'd get taking your mug to work!

    1. Me too!
      And I can just imagine you trying to shove those poor babies in stockings - I wanna see the picture!

  2. Every year that I get to share love and laughter with my family and friends is the best gift ever. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. The best Christmas present I ever received actually came 6 days before Christmas...twice. My son was born 12/19/1980 and my daughter was born 12/19/1985.

  4. Mine was my first Christmas with my husband. We had very little except each other and it was great!
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  5. Mine is not going into labour, and Lewis allowing me to have Christmas day before he decided to start my labour Boxing day. He is my Christmas baby xxx

  6. We all seem to have christmas babies! My daughter was born 30th Dec I went into labour the day before only couldn't tell any off my family as they were all passed out drunk from our family get together the previous day! My best present is always the look on peoples faces when they open the gift I have got them or my kids excitement at Santa coming :-D

  7. My best Christmas present ever was the first Christmas with my daughter. We waited a long time to adopt her.

  8. My favorite Christmas gift was a little play rhinestone heart necklace given to me when I was six years old from my parents. It was special because finances were tight and gifts were usually practical.

    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

  9. When I was little I got a cloth monkey from my parents.
    I played with it for years.
    Its body was made of cloth with squareson it, and I´ve coloured some of them with a marker. It has been sewn with lot of diffrent thread, and one ear is missing.
    But I still have him;)