Monday, 30 September 2013


Guys - I love you all and I've been told my biggest flaw is underestimating my time management. 

New York Cowboy was supposed to be a little prequel introducing us to Adam and Vance before they played with some eggnog in Too Much Christmas Spirit. 

Somehow it's turned into this epic piece of Texas gold rush meets city slickers and I'm stressed up to the armpits trying to get it finished with sick kids, sick me and a house full of washing! 

So I'm sorry, but I need to take a deep breath as this stupid thing heads more towards 40,000 than 30 - it will not be released today.

I hate letting you all down and do thank you for your patience - but I won't try and fob you lovely people off with a rushed piece.



  1. No worries, we'll wait. Take care of the sick kids and yourself.

  2. Dear Lisa, take your time and take care of the kids and yourself. Don't rush, you'll end up with a half-baked book. Take the time to perfect it :)

  3. Self and family always come first! Your fans will understand and gladly wait for the real Lisa Worrall masterpiece.